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Launch of Boycott Normal

The Mad Pride Street Theatre of Eugene, Oregon, launches the Boycott Normal Campaign with a challenge: Can you out-crazy the Chamber of Commerce?

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Today, 10 October, is considered World Mental Health Day.

But not everyone is celebrating by pushing the mental health system.

MindFreedom chose this day to launch an international campaign to Boycott Normal. Today's launch celebrates a creative and diverse world where being “normal” and mental well being can be two different things.

MindFreedom held a street theater in front of the Chamber of Commerce in our main office's hometown, Eugene, Oregon, USA. Psychiatric survivor activists and allies called on everyone to "Boycott Normal," and support the Occupy Movement.

What's called 'normal' is wrecking Earth's ecosystem... Can you possibly be 'crazier than normal'?

Today, about 40 activists held a peaceful street theater in front of the local Chamber of Commerce. Three judges in wigs and robes decided whether performers with poetry, dance and music were able to "Out-Crazy the Chamber." It was a Weird-Off!

The chamber always won.





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Laura Delano - Psychiatric survivor blogger activist

Laura works as a peer specialist in the traditional mental health system and writes a blog at, where she is sharing her story of recovery from psychiatry. After living with psychiatric labels for 13 years and taking psychotropic medications for ten of them, Laura says she found liberation in 2010 from her psychiatric diagnoses, from her reliance upon the mental health system, and from the once deep-seated belief that she was sentenced to a life-long "mental illness." Laura says, "I am proud to be a member of the MindFreedom International community for all MFI does to promote equality, justice, and civil rights for people who have been labeled 'mentally ill.'" (See 'Related Content' links below for link to Mad In America web site where Laura's blogs.)
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