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Success - Creative Revolution: Mobilizing Our Healing Resources

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PHILADELPHIA, Thurs., 1 Nov. 2012: MFI held this successful special event to help participants learn about, discuss and build connections and resources for alternatives to and within the mental health system. [updated 4 Nov 2012]

Success - Creative Revolution: Mobilizing Our Healing Resources

German author Peter Lehmann was one of the speakers at this successful MFI event, held on 1 November 2012.

The below was a successful MindFreedom event! Thank you to the MFI Committee for Choice in Mental Health Care, volunteers, speakers, attendees, ISEPP and everyone who helped make this a victory. 

Below is the original announcement....

You will hear from several exciting speakers -- Susan Musante, Peter Lehmann and Oryx Cohen -- who have created working alternatives to the oppressive practices people may have received from the mental health system. 

There will be time for you to discuss what you are learning with other conference participants, to share your thoughts at an open microphone, and to attend workshops with the speakers, as well as additional presenters who work with alternatives. 

Together, we are building a movement of those who are using and developing new, self-directed, ways to heal ourselves, and you can be part of that!  

You Are Invited to a Creative Revolution:
Mobilizing Our Healing Resources


When: Thursday, November 1, 2012, from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Where: Philadelphia Airport Marriott Hotel

Note: This is the day before the International Society for Ethical Psychiatry & Psychology (ISEPP) conference.


More About the Speakers at "Creative Revolution: Mobilizing Our Healing Resources"


  • susan-musante.jpgSusan Musante is from Alaska, USA (photo right). Susan is the Project Manager of Soteria-Alaska, a non-profit in Alaska whose purpose is to provide an effective, non-coercive alternative to traditional hospitalization for people diagnosed with serious mental illness. Ms. Musante is trained in both Mental Health and Vocational Rehabilitation, having worked in many aspects of both fields for many years. Ms. Musante has twenty-five years of experience and education in management, direct service, consultation, training, program evaluation and development for behavioral health systems. 

  • peter-lehmann.jpgPeter Lehmann (photo right) is from Berlin, Germany. Peter is a psychiatric survivor and co-founder of several alternatives to the conventional mental health system. Peter is editor of Coming off Psychiatric Drugs, and the co-editor of Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry. Peter is an independent publisher, author and freelance activist of humanistic antipsychiatry. (More about Peter here.)

  • oryx-cohen.jpgOryx Cohen, from Massachusetts, USA. Oryx was the Director of the MindFreedom Oral History Project, and was a participant. He has helped develop peer support networks and works with hearing voices groups. He also founded the Freedom Center in Northampton, the Pioneer Valley's only support/activist group run by and for people labeled "mentally ill." Currently, he is the Technical Assistance Center Director at the National Empowerment Center. He is also an avid basketball player, golfer, hiker, and writer. (See Oryx's story here.)


How to Register for Creative Revolution

You may secure your place and pay your $50 registration fee (which includes lunch) in any one of these convenient ways:


ON THE WEB securely with any credit card via MindFreedom's Mad Market, click here:

PHONE the MFI office with your credit card and ask for LaTonya: 541-345-9106.

POSTAL MAIL a simple form with your credit card info, check or money order. Just download and print out that PDF form by clicking here

FAX a simple form with your credit card info. Just download and print out that PDF form by clicking here.




Thank you! 

The volunteers in the MFI Choice in Mental Health Committee are looking forward to meeting you (or re-uniting with you) at our special conference…

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Laura Delano - Psychiatric survivor blogger activist

Laura works as a peer specialist in the traditional mental health system and writes a blog at, where she is sharing her story of recovery from psychiatry. After living with psychiatric labels for 13 years and taking psychotropic medications for ten of them, Laura says she found liberation in 2010 from her psychiatric diagnoses, from her reliance upon the mental health system, and from the once deep-seated belief that she was sentenced to a life-long "mental illness." Laura says, "I am proud to be a member of the MindFreedom International community for all MFI does to promote equality, justice, and civil rights for people who have been labeled 'mentally ill.'" (See 'Related Content' links below for link to Mad In America web site where Laura's blogs.)
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