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Creative Revolution Workshop Presenters & Plenary Speakers So Far

The Planning Committee has announced some of the invited workshop presenters and plenary speakers for the 12 to 15 July 2007 MindFreedom conference/retreat. The Committee accepted exciting workshop presentations from Iceland, the Philippines, Ireland, England, and Canada as well all over the USA.

Mary and Jim Maddock of MindFreedom IrelandSome of the invited workshop presenters:

  • Mary and Jim Maddock, of Thornbury Heights, Ireland (picturd on right) presenting about Sli Eile -- Another Way, an alternative social housing project they work with in Ireland. Mary & Jim are authors of the new book Soul Survivor, about Mary's struggle with and successful escape from years of psychiatric institutionalization, electroshock and drugging.

  • Debbie Whittle, of National Empowerment Center in Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA, presenting about Living into Wholeness, Tools of Transformation

  • Will Hall, Oryx Cohen, Ashley McNamara,  Mollie Hurter, Dianne Dragon, Dick Gilluly, Chaya Grossberg and others from the Freedom Center in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, presenting on various alternatives such as a writing group, yoga, acupuncture, community building, coming off of psychiatric drugs, etc.
  • Judi ChamberlinJudi Chamberlin, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (photo on right) on On Our Own - Reflections Thirty Years On

  • David Oaks, Eugene, Oregon, USA, presenting on Mad Pride, Activism, & Alternatives Unite:The Role of Creative Direct Action in Emotional Well Being

  • Aby Adams, of the Information Collective, Leeds, Massachusetts, USA, presenting on The Mental Health Screening Initiative:  Empowering Communities Through Information

Some of the invited plenary presenters:

  • Jennifer Branks, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, presenting on The Hearing Voices Network

  • Joe Gallagher, M.D., of Watsonville, California, USA, presenting on the Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center, a drug free center currently being developed

  • Susan Musante of Anchorage, Alaska, USA presenting on the developing Soteria Alaska Project, based on Loren Mosher's Soteria House, formerly in California, USA

  • Peter Stastny, M.D., of New York, New York, USA, presenting on INTAR: International Network of Treatment Alternatives for Recovery. Dr. Stastny is co-editor of Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry.

Conference Co-Sponsors

  • The Freedom Center, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
  • The Icarus Project,
  • Gruppe Aufbruch, Bonn, Germany
  • The EEG Centre for Neurofeedback, Tryon, North Carolina, USA
We would also like to thank those individuals who gave generously but not on behalf of any group or organization.

Stay tuned for more details as the event approaches!
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Tom Wittick

Thomas E. Wittick is an MFI member who named one of the first psychiatric rights movement activist groups in this era in the USA. Tom chose the name "Insane Liberation Front" for the influential group that began in Portland, Oregon, USA in 1970, and he organized along side the infamous Howie T. Harp. Tom is shown here at the MindFreedom Action Space inside the Alternatives 2006 Conference in Portland, Oregon.
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