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MindFreedom Academic Alliance

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MindFreedom's network of allies in the academic world

MindFreedom Academic Alliance

MFI Intern Piers Gooding of Melbourne, Australia organized the MindFreedom Academic Alliance.

 To go directly to list of MFI Academic Alliance participants, click here.


The Academic Alliance was born from an observation that while there are many academics doing great work in universities and many activists doing great work in communities, they too rarely work TOGETHER toward mental health human rights and choice. 

In late 2009 MindFreedom contacted a number of highly respected academics from around the world whose research is based on similar principles as MFI. We received a great response from these scholars and we are proud to list them on our website along with details concerning their research interests and expertise, including a brief biography and vitae for each. 

(Click here to view MFI Academic Alliance biographies and vitae.)

This list is designed as a resource to better link independent mental health activism with the world of academia in a spirit of mutual exchange. It is also designed to foster connections and knowledge-sharing between these accomplished academics themselves. 

The Academic Alliance was compiled with the help of MFI intern Piers Gooding from Melbourne, Australia, who writes:

"I believe it's vital for academics who are working to end human rights abuses in the psychiatric system to not only be aware of each others work, but also to be engaged directly with community-based activists like MFI. It is essential to the integrity and effectiveness of their work to continuously consult consumer/survivors. It's been a privilege and inspiration to work with such wonderful academics and I look forward to seeing the Academic Alliance strengthen the movement toward mental health human rights and choice."

MindFreedom International also unites a network of psychologists and psychiatrists in a "MindFreedom Scientific Advisory Board" that addresses research questions involving psychiatry and mental health. The Board began in 2003, and has been relaunched by psychologist Al Galves, on the board of MindFreedom.

For information on the MindFreedom Scientific Advisory Board click here.

For a list of MindFreedom Academic Alliance members click here.

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Amy Smith, psychiatric survivor, organizer and artist

From her home in Colorado, Amy Smith provides leadership for the movement to change the mental health system in a variety of ways, from events to art work for the Occupy American Psychiatric Association peaceful protests by MindFreedom International. Amy is a psychiatric survivor, who has been psych drug-free since 2008. She is the former director of Colorado’s statewide consumer organization, and the creator of RISE University, an education program designed to illuminate the experience of labeled individuals and their families.
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