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They Got Better, and You Can Too!

Matt Samet - small 
I Just Love Being Alive - Loretta Wilson
Getting My Brain Back - Shannon Betts
If I Can Do It, Anybody Can — Andrew Lara
We Knew That It Wasn't Chronic
I Said No Thank You and I Walked Out of the Office — Chris White
Taking Personal Responsibility — Kurt Wagner
We Can Become Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts —
So I Became an Activist… Giving Back Meant So Much to Me — Delphine Brody
I Discovered Who I Was - Alex Goldenberg
That Is Health to Me, To Be Able to Give Back — Dorothy 'Dot' Strasser
It Just Takes Persistence and Faith — Ken Segal
Resistance is Not Futile — LaTonya Gibbs, Eugene, Oregon
I'm the Person I Am — Thalia Begun
It Was Just Plain Wrong — David Oaks, Eugene, Oregon
There's So Many Other Models — Chaya Grossberg
I Consider Myself Very Lucky - Jim Gottstein, Anchorage, Alaska
You Belong and You Matter — Hugh Masengill, Eugene, Oregon
This Process Has Been an Evolution of Constant Growth — Adrian Bernard
There Is Life Going Forward - Amy Anderson
I have survived a lot - Darell Dubois
They Are not Fundamentally Broken - Jenn Crowell
I Battled for My Recovery - Michelle Burkholder




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