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How YOU can celebrate Creative Maladjustment Week

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MindFreedom releases a new guide to celebrating the inaugural Creative Maladjustment Week. Download it now!

How YOU can celebrate Creative Maladjustment Week

Read the guide, "How YOU Can Celebrate Creative Maladjustment Week," to get some inspiration for celebrating the week of July 7-July 14!

Download the new guide — How YOU Can Celebrate Creative Maladjustment Week — HERE!

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "the salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." We at MindFreedom believe that HE WAS RIGHT, and we're working to fulfill Martin Luther King's dream of non-conformity and loving, non-violent revolution in the here and now by establishing CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK (July 7-July 14, 2013), a time to CELEBRATE our maladjustments to the parts of society that need a little dissent! 

How YOU Can Celebrate Creative Maladjustment Week!

To make it even easier for YOU to start exercising your disciplined non-conformity and planning events for Creative Maladjustment Week, we've put together a guide to celebrating, which you can download HERE for free!

Your questions will be answered, including...

What is Creative Maladjustment Week?


How can I CELEBRATE it this July?

We've got specific ideas for every day of the week, and we invite you to use these as a starting point for planning the most outrageous, colorful, exciting, MALADJUSTED events you can dream up!

Again, here's the link to download this informative guide:

Have a look today and GET STARTED planning your events for this July! These ideas are only the beginning — we know that all you creatively maladjusted folk out there will come up with a host of other exciting ways to show the world that you're PROUD to be maladjusted to a sick society.

TELL US: How are YOU going to celebrate?

Want to connect with other MindFreedom activists in your area? Share your inspiring ideas for celebrating Creative Maladjustment Week with the world? Let us know how YOU'RE going to celebrate at:

With your permission, we'll publicize your event and make it as BIG as possible!

Other Resources

CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK has a Facebook page, a new website (with some FANTASTIC artwork by MindFreedom's own Amy Smith), a Causes Page, and lots of supporters/endorsers already working to organize events.

Check them out, get inspired, and start exercising YOUR Creative Maladjustment TODAY!

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