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Let Us Know About Your 2012 Mad Pride Events!

Mad Pride - a celebration for the 100 percent! Let us know about your celebrations, large and small! From Toronto to Oregon, there are special plans for 14 July 2012!

For the latest list of Mad Pride 2012 events in five-plus nations, click here!


Free Poster for Mad Pride Toronto 2012 EventFrom wherever you are, you can be part of MAD PRIDE celebrations. Mad Pride isn't just for the 1 percent... or the 99 percent... Mad Pride is about being human, so this is a celebration that 100 percent of humanity can be part of!

Celebrate your creative maladjustment... whether it's a bed push in Toronto, or helping to give an award to Patch Adams for his leadership in the "International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment" (the IAACM envisioned by Martin Luther King). 

For more info about these events go here:

Mad Pride is every day. But it's a special day when we can celebrate together, and for that purpose the "mad movement" has used Bastille Day. Did you know a few psychiatric inmates were friend from the Bastille, too? So be part of this anywhere and everywhere, but especially on 14 July 2012, do something special to celebrate mad pride and boycott normal!

Remember... Remember what's called normal isn't. What's called normal is wrecking a whole planet's environment. Now that is ambitious. Acknowledge you are part of the 100 percent - Mad Pride!

For the latest list of Mad Pride 2012 events click here. 

For more about Mad Pride... Boycott Normal... IAACM... and more... see 'related content' below. 

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Kris Yates

Kris experienced forced electroshock while locked up in a psychiatric institution in India. Kris became an MFI leader, and is shown here at a Highlander strategy conference. A powerful story teller from a poor Appalachian background, Kris obtained her master's degree and became accredited as a family counselor in California. Her practice specializes in nondrug voluntary and humane alternatives for people labeled with psychiatric disabilities. (Photo by Tom Olin.)
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