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Announcing new MFI web site

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MindFreedom has launched a new version of its popular web site using a "content management system" that should be easier for browsers, and for members who would like to add content.

Announcing new MFI web site

Open source means no corporation controls the software running this site. The new MFI web site uses Plone which is an open source content management system.

13 November 2006

MindFreedom International's new web site has been a popular destination for years for those who are interested in promoting human rights and alternatives in the mental health system.

Now it's gotten even better.

MindFreedom has worked with the nonprofit technical assistance organization NetCorps to launch a "content management system" web site using Plone, an open-source system.

And what does that mean in plain English?

For one thing, MindFreedom's staff and volunteers can now add news, resources and other content fairily easily using just a web-based form, with no knowledge of computer code such as HTML required.

Also, members can have added features such as a member-only area for special announcements and organizing, a way to sign-up for the MFI Shield Program online, and a re-introduction of the MindFreedom Personal Story campaign.

The new web site allows MFI staff and members to even cover news events practically "live" and easily add text, photos and other content instantly from any place that has web access.

A volunteer on the MFI web site described it as a "barn raising" because of the way several people could work on the site at the same time. If you would like to volunteer to assist on the MFI web site, see the "member only" folder for an introduction to Plone, and how you can sign up to volunteer.

Thanks much to web developer Aaron VanDerlip of NetCorps as well as MFI volunteers, and all the members who have waited so patiently for this development.

The plan is to e-mail current MindFreedom members their user name and password in the last week of November. If members have not received that password info by 1 December they ought to contact the MFI office.

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Samantha Johnson, psychiatric survivor, MFI intern

Samantha Johnson is a 22-year-old psychiatric survivor who is interning at the MindFreedom International office. "I was absolutely in disbelief at how the people were treated at the hospital. It was an environment of emotional abuse interspersed with 'treatments' and 'policies' that could be more accurately described as assault. The tragic thing is that there really are some good people working there, but they are unable to provide people with the help they need inside a system that prioritizes profits over people. It might take five years of counseling for someone to truly recover from a mental health crisis, but it takes five minutes to tranquilize them. This is why I started working with MindFreedom. For 25 years MFI has been challenging the mental health system to see us as human beings- to treat us as human beings- through peaceful activism. At MFI we emphasize individual choice, empowerment, and compassion as necessary aspects of a true healing process."
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