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Canadian Mad Pride on MindFreedom Free Live Web Radio

It's MAD LIVE RADIO this Wednesday, 26 September 2007, at 4 pm ET. You can click, listen and phone in to a free live web interview on MindFreedom Internet Radio with two Mad Pride activists in Toronto, Canada: Ruth Ruth and Jeremiah Bach. Phone in live with your questions & comments. Host is David Oaks.

Canadian Mad Pride on MindFreedom Free Live Web Radio

Ruth Ruth and Jeremiah Bach celebrate Mad Pride in Toronto, Canada.

Listen in live this Wednesday,  26 September 2007,  at 4 pm ET. It's easy! Just click on:

Hear Toronto Activists for Mad Pride on the next MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio

You are invited to tune in LIVE on the web Wednesday, 26 September 2007, 4pm ET, to hear the latest news, and an interview with two special gusts.

This week's guests have helped lead creative Mad Pride celebrations in Toronto:

  • Ruth Ruth is a community theatre director with The Friendly Spike Theatre Band a community theatre for psychiatric survivors and people with disabilities. Ruth Ruth is a part time disability studies student at Ryerson School of Disability Studies.
  • Jeremiah Bach is an activist in the Mad and Disability movement in Canada. Currently he is a community service worker in community mental health, and has a BA in political science.

You are an important part of the MindFreedom radio show!

The MindFreedom News host is David Oaks, who also sums up the latest "Mad News" and resources.

Phone numbers to call in live during the interview are announced during the show. You may phone in from anywhere in the world. In the USA you may phone toll free. If you can't get through keep trying.

You may e-mail in with any questions, comments or technical problems at any time. Your comments may be read live during the show. E-mail to:

Please note the show may start one or two minutes after the hour, so if you don't hear us check back. 

New feature on MindFreedom web site: Download and hear past shows!

A new section of the MindFreedom web site now lets you download and hear more than a dozen past MindFreedom Radio  Shows! For this special MFI archive click here:


Upcoming Guests on MindFreedom Radio:

  • Wed., 3 October 2007, 4 pm ET:  Dorothy Washburn Dundas

While institutionalized for three years as an adolescent in the 1960's, Dorothy Washburn Dundas was labeled a "schizophrenic" and forced to undergo 40 combined insulincoma-electroshock "treatments." She experienced and witnessed many atrocities.

Dorothy says, "Luck, determination, my own anger and one compassionate advocate were my
best friends on the road to my ultimate survival and freedom."

Through a number of op-ed pieces, she has voiced her opposition to abusive psychiatric practices, and her poster, "Behind Locked Doors," which she created from her hospital records, is used in training programs.  She lives in the Boston area where she has raised her four wonderful children; she founded and is the sole driver in her "safe, friendly and reliable" car service, The Crystal Lake Express.

  • Wed., 10 October 2007, 4 pm:  A pre-recorded repeat of a past show will be played.
  • Wed, 17 October 2007 , 4 pm: Al Galves

Al is a psychologist and activist for more choices in the mental health system. He is also the author of a brand new book, "Lighten Up: Dance With Your Dark Side."

It's your mind! It's your freedom! Free your mind with the MindFreedom Mad Live Web News Hour hosted by David Oaks.

Just click on Wednesday at 4 pm eastern time!

Or download past archives here at:

Help create your own media for a nonviolent revolution in mental health. Please spread the word!

For a MindFreedom Mad Radio Info center on the show click here.

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Samantha Johnson, psychiatric survivor, MFI intern

Samantha Johnson is a 22-year-old psychiatric survivor who is interning at the MindFreedom International office. "I was absolutely in disbelief at how the people were treated at the hospital. It was an environment of emotional abuse interspersed with 'treatments' and 'policies' that could be more accurately described as assault. The tragic thing is that there really are some good people working there, but they are unable to provide people with the help they need inside a system that prioritizes profits over people. It might take five years of counseling for someone to truly recover from a mental health crisis, but it takes five minutes to tranquilize them. This is why I started working with MindFreedom. For 25 years MFI has been challenging the mental health system to see us as human beings- to treat us as human beings- through peaceful activism. At MFI we emphasize individual choice, empowerment, and compassion as necessary aspects of a true healing process."
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