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Mad People's History! Geoffrey Reaume - psychiatric survivor & historian - on next MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio

This Wednesday, 15 August 2007, at 4 pm ET, hear a live interview with GEOFFREY REAUME in Toronto, Canada. Phone in with your questions & comments live and toll free. Host is David Oaks.

Mad People's History! Geoffrey Reaume - psychiatric survivor & historian - on next MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio

Geoffrey Reaume giving one of his "walking tours" of mad people's history in Toronto (photo by Graeme Bacque).

This Wednesday,  15 August 2007,  4 pm ET:

Geoffrey Reaume on MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio

People have been labeled "mad" for centuries. Does this community of people have a "mad history" to tell in their own words?

Hear from a professional archivist and historian from Toronto, Canada who is a psychiatric survivor: Geoffrey Reaume.

You can phone in to the show LIVE with your comments and questions.

The free LIVE MindFreedom News Internet Radio Show can be heard this Wednesday, 15 August 2007 at 4 pm Eastern Time by clicking on:

Geoffrey Reaume not only believes there's a "mad history," but he:

  • teaches mad history at a university as an associate professor...
  • has written a book on mad history entitled Remembrance of Patients Past: Patient Life at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, 1870-1940)
  • gives walking tours throughout Toronto of our "mad people's history"...
  • and has helped start one of the very few  archives of the psychiatric survivor movement.

Geoffrey will also talk about recent events in Toronto, including their infamous Mad Pride celebrations that include theater, mayoral proclamations, music, historical walks through Toronto and more. For Mad Pride 2007 info click here

The MindFreedom News host is David Oaks, who also sums up the latest "mad news."

Phone numbers to call in live are announced during the show. The show may start a minute or two late. You may e-mail in questions & comments at any time that may be read live during the show at

More About "Mad People's Historian" Geoffrey Reaume:

Geoffrey Reaume teaches Mad People’s History at York University in Toronto, Canada where he is Associate Professor in the Critical Disability Studies graduate program.

Geoffrey's doctoral dissertation on "mental patient" life inside the Toronto Hospital for the Insane was published in 2000.

His study was made into a play which was staged by psychiatric survivors.

Geoffrey is a co-founder of Psychiatric Survivor Archives, Toronto and is involved in preserving and memorializing mad people’s historical sites, documents and artifacts with other psychiatric survivors including MindFreedom. For info on the PSAT go to

Upcoming August MindFreedom Radio Shows..

... next two guests are also from outside the USA, all live on Wednesdays at 4 pm ET:

  • 22 August: Don Weitz , also from Ontario, a well-known leader in challenging the psychiatric system.
  • 29 August: Sue Clark, an electroshock survivor activist from Canada, see her web site

The Story of MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio

For more than a year, since June 2006, MindFreedom Radio Show has supported a nonviolent revolution in the mental health system. Leaders, authors, activists, mental health professionals, psychiatric survivors and others who are actively changing and challenging the current mental health system have been featured in live interviews. Listeners have called in from around the world.

The weekly show is hosted by psychiatric rights activist David Oaks, director of MindFreedom. David also experienced the mental health system as a youth when he was institutionalized five times and diagnosed "schizophrenic." For a brief bio about David click here.

The Progressive Radio Network produces the show along with several others from its studio in New York City. PRN was founded by radio personality and health activist leader Gary Null.

If you listen LIVE to the MindFreedom News Hour jot down the toll free call-in number for the USA or the special call-in number for outside the USA as it is announced during the show. Please keep trying, sometimes it takes more than once to get through.

You may e-mail at any time before or during the show to E-mail is checked during the show, and your comments may be read live on "the air."  Include where you are calling from. If pronunciation of your name is not obvious please tell us how to do that, or ask us to keep your comment anonymous.

After the distinctive drum beats of the intro music Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, on each MindFreedom News Hour you'll hear a brief summary of the latest news. Then you'll hear an interview about changing the system of care for mental and emotional well being.

Shows have explored the history of the psychiatric survivor movement, innovative alternatives to the conventional mental health system, how psychiatric survivors and concerned mental health professionals are working together on human rights campaigns, and more.

Regular features include updates about breaking stories and networking announcements about successful activism and alternatives.

It's your mind! It's your freedom! Free your mind with the MindFreedom News Hour hosted by David Oaks.

Just click on Wednesday at 4 pm eastern time!

Help create your own media for a nonviolent revolution in mental health. Please spread the word!

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Leonard Roy Frank

Leonard Roy Frank is a survivor of dozens of brutal forced electroshock and insulin coma. He went on to become one of the foremost activists for human rights of people harmed by electroshock. Leonard is a long-time MindFreedom supporter. He has edited many books including: Frank Quotes (1970), The History of Shock Treatment (1978), Influencing Minds: A Reader in Quotations (1995), Random House Webster's Quotationary (1998), and Random House Webster's Wit & Humor Quotationary (2000).
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