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Leah Harris guest on 29 Nov. 2006 MF Radio

MindFreedom Radio features psychiatric survivor activist Leah Harris as the guest. If you miss the live online broadcast you can get the archive, either way is free. Host is MF Director David Oaks.

Leah Harris guest on 29 Nov. 2006 MF Radio

Leah Harris, psychiatric survivor activist

Wednesday, 29 November 2006 - MindFreedom Radio

Guest is Leah Harris, psychiatric-survivor & champion of youth rights.

To listen live click on at 4 pm EST, 1 pm PST Wednesday, 29 November 2006 or listen to the archive later. Yes, the archives now work!

You may phone in to the show live toll free with your questions or comments, or e-mail them to

Host of MF Radio -- which begins and ends with news and resources about changing the mental health system -- is David Oaks, psychiatric survivor, human rights activist for 30 years, and director of MindFreedom International. MF Radio and archives are always free.

Leah Harris short bio:

Leah Harris is a mother, a psychiatric survivor, a poet, and an activist. Leah spent most of her adolescence in and out of the mental health system. She says, "I watched the treatment my parents receive for their mental health issues slowly kill their spirits and their bodies." When Leah became an adult and decided to take back control of her life and her destiny she says "everything changed."

Today Leah is using the negative experiences of her past to transform the mental health system and promote rights, dignity, and recovery for all people labeled with "psychiatric disorders." Leah recently keynoted the conference of the National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy calling for encouragement for youth activists, and a greater dedication to youth issues, in the movement to change the mental health system.


MindFreedom Radio is by psychiatric survivors for the "creatively maladjusted." Listen live every Wednesday at 4 pm EST or hear the archives at Always free.

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Leah Harris

Leah Harris, a second generation psychiatric survivor, discovered MindFreedom in 2000 when she was 25 years old. Her first act in the mad movement was to tell her story of oppression and resistance, and to help edit stories for MindFreedom's Oral History Project. Since then, she has been working in various ways to help achieve the vision of MindFreedom: an end to all forms of psychiatric oppression, healing of all forms of "normality," and the creation of vibrant, colorful communities that honor and celebrate diversity, difference, and the full range of human experience.
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