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Next on MFI Radio: Youth psychiatric survivor & Virginia Tech tragedy.

Martin Rafferty, 20 year old psychiatric survivor activist, is guest this week on the MindFreedom News Hour. Phone in to this Internet radio show LIVE on Wednesday, 2 May at 4 pm ET at Martin will address the fall-out to youth in the mental health field from the Virginia Tech tragedy. Host David Oaks. Archives are once more available.

MindFreedom News Show

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Listen to the free weekly LIVE MindFreedom News Internet Radio Show by clicking on LIVE every Wednesday at 4 pm ET.

Guest this week, Wed., 2 May, is Martin Rafferty who is a young psychiatric survivor and MindFreedom Youth Outreach Coordinator, as well as office manager. Martin S. Rafferty is a long-time youth leader in Lane County, Oregon. You may read his reflections on the Virginia Tech tragedy from the point of view of a young person with a psychiatric diagnosis by clicking here.

This is radio for a nonviolent revolution in the mental health system, hosted by psychiatric rights activist David Oaks, director of MindFreedom. David also experienced the mental health system as a youth when he was institutionalized five times and diagnosed "schizophrenic." For a brief bio click here.

If you listen LIVE to the MindFreedom News Hour jot down the toll free call-in number for the USA or the special call-in number for outside the USA as it is given during the show. Please keep trying, sometimes it takes more than once to get through.

You may e-mail at any time to and your comment or question may be read on the air.

Some topics we are exploring in this series of shows:

  • Will Cho's use of psychiatric drugs be covered up by the Medical Examiners in Virginia?
  • What do we do about media bias about these issues on 60 Minutes and CNN?
  • What do we know about the mental health system's interaction with Cho?
  • What kinds of alternatives were available? What ought to be available?
  • What is it like to be a college student and diagnosed with a psychiatric disability?
  • What do we do about the call for more forced psychiatric drugging?
  • How do we answer concerns about "violent mental patients"?
  • Where can people turn for humane alternatives to the conventional mental health system?

Upcoming MindFreedom Internet Radio Shows:

9 May 2007 - Neil Gong of the Icarus Project is a psychiatric survivor college campus organizer at New York University. Hear from the point of view of a young college student psychiatric survivor who is working to raise these issues with other students.

16 May 2007 - Jim Gottstein - psychiatric survivor, attorney, Harvard Law School graduate and founder of -- is back by popular demand! Hear the latest about Jim's ongoing fight to hold Eli Lilly accountable for their criminal cover-up and mis-marketing of the psychiatric drug Zyprexa. Jim will also keep us up to date on his numerous other projects, campaigns and lawsuits.


The MindFreedom News Hour is part of a diverse array of shows on Progressive Radio Network.

On each MindFreedom News Hour you'll hear hear news, resources, and an interview. Shows have covered the history of the psychiatric survivor movement, how psychiatric survivors and concerned mental health professionals are working together on human rights campaigns, and more.

Regular features include networking announcements about successful activism and alternatives.

It's your mind! It's your freedom! Free your mind with the MindFreedom News Hour hosted by David Oaks every Wednesday at 4 pm eastern time.

Just click on at that time and day!


If you have show suggestions, comments, ideas, please e-mail it to E-mail is checked during the show, and your comments may be read live on "the air."

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Laura Prescott is the President and founder of Sister Witness International Incorporated. The organization focuses on addressing the multiple forms of violence and retraumatization in the lives of women and girls who have been institutionalized in psychiatric and criminal justice settings.
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