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Sue Clark: electroshock survivor & activist

Wednesday, 29 August 2007, at 4 pm ET, "click and listen" to a live interview with electroshock-survivor SUE CLARK in Ontario, Canada. Phone in with your questions & comments live. Host is David Oaks.

Sue Clark: electroshock survivor & activist

Sue Clark: electroshock survivor activist from Ontario, Canada

Update August 2015, Sue has passed away. Please click to see MindFreedom's tribute to her life...


This Wednesday,  29 August 2007,  4 pm ET:

Sue Clark of Canada on MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio


Sue Clark-Wittenberg is a survivor of electroshock, also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT.

During the 18-year period from 1972 to 1990, Sue was diagnosed with 15 different psychiatric labels,  prescribed 14 different types of psychiatric drugs, and was locked up in a variety of psychiatric institutions in Ontario, Canada.

Sue says, "I was tortured with electroshock in 1973 at the age of l7 years old which was given to me against my will. On my 5th ECT my heart stopped and I had to be revived." Sue says she suffers from permanent memory loss and has a difficult time learning new things to this day.

Sue and her husband Steven Wittenberg founded The Wittenberg Center to End Electroshock in Ottawa. Says Sue, "We are working with others all around the world to ban ECT universally."

For more info see her web site:

The MindFreedom News host is David Oaks, who also sums up the latest "mad news."

Phone numbers to call in live are announced during the show. If you can't get through keep trying. The show may start a minute or two late. You may e-mail in with any questions, comments or technical problems at any time. Your comments may be read live during the show. E-mail to:


The Story of MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio

For more than a year, since June 2006, MindFreedom Radio Show has supported a nonviolent revolution in the mental health system. Leaders, authors, activists, mental health professionals, psychiatric survivors and others who are actively changing and challenging the current mental health system have been featured in live interviews. Listeners have called in from around the world.

The weekly show is hosted by psychiatric rights activist David Oaks, director of MindFreedom. David also experienced the mental health system as a youth when he was institutionalized five times and diagnosed "schizophrenic." For a brief bio about David click here.

The Progressive Radio Network produces the show along with several others from its studio in New York City. PRN was founded by radio personality and health activist leader Gary Null.

If you listen LIVE to the MindFreedom News Hour jot down the toll free call-in number for the USA or the special call-in number for outside the USA as it is announced during the show. Please keep trying, sometimes it takes more than once to get through.

You may e-mail at any time before or during the show to E-mail is checked during the show, and your comments may be read live on "the air."  Include where you are calling from. If pronunciation of your name is not obvious please tell us how to do that, or ask us to keep your comment anonymous.

After the distinctive drum beats of the intro music Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, on each MindFreedom News Hour you'll hear a brief summary of the latest news. Then you'll hear an interview about changing the system of care for mental and emotional well being.

Shows have explored the history of the psychiatric survivor movement, innovative alternatives to the conventional mental health system, how psychiatric survivors and concerned mental health professionals are working together on human rights campaigns, and more.

Regular features include updates about breaking stories and networking announcements about successful activism and alternatives.

It's your mind! It's your freedom! Free your mind with the MindFreedom News Hour hosted by David Oaks.

Just click on Wednesday at 4 pm eastern time!

Help create your own media for a nonviolent revolution in mental health. Please spread the word!

Next MindFreedom Free Live Internet Radio:

Wednesday, 5 September 2007: Guest Professor Gail A. Hornstein has collected hundreds of personal accounts by people who have experienced the mental health system, going back centuries! To read about Prof. Hornstein's work on "First Person Accounts of Madness" click here:

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Caitlin Belforti: Psychiatric survivor, young adult leader, student

Caitlin is a survivor of maltreatment of Adelphi University's student counseling center. A young adult new to the movement, Caitlin hopes to continue to her involvement in the psychiatric survivor movement and bring more attention to an issue that is all too prevalent and all too ignored. Also an actress and a poet, Caitlin hopes to use the medium of performing arts to spread awareness, and to reach fellow survivors. She says, “Many thanks to the support I have received so far from the cool crowd that is MindFreedom!" Caitlin is speaking at the MindFreedom International peaceful protest of the American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia, OccupyAPA 2012.
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