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Ted Chabasinski v. Eli Lilly: Ted is guest this Wednesday on MFI Internet Radio.

Attorney Ted Chabasinski is representing MindFreedom in court to defend the public right to know about fraudulent marketing of the psychiatric drug Zyprexa. Ted is challenging a Restraining Order obtained by Eli Lilly that is suppressing the free speech of MindFreedom to disclose files to the public. You may listen and phone in live to MindFreedom Radio this Wed. 7 Feb. at 4 pm EST at

Ted Chabasinski v. Eli Lilly: Ted is guest this Wednesday on MFI Internet Radio.

Ted Chabasinski: psychiatric survivor, attorney, MFI board member.

Get the latest news this Wednesday about how MindFreedom is challenging Eli Lilly's censorship.

Guest Ted Chabasinski will provide the latest news and views about the nationally-covered court struggle to challenge Eli Lilly censorship of MindFreedom and others.

To listen to this MindFreedom Radio show free and live simply click on this Wednesday 7 February 2007 at 4 pm EST, 1 pm PST. Or listen later by archives, MP3 download or iTunes.

When attorney Jim Gottstein leaked secret Eli Lilly files to the press and human rights activists, he showed that many have died because of fraudulent marketing of the psychiatric drug Zyprexa. For an overview of the story see the article on this web site.

During the show you are invited to phone in live toll free with your questions or comments. The number is annouced each show. Or e-mail at any time to radio(at)mindfreedom(dot)org.

Each MF Radio Show begins and ends with the latest news and resources about changing the mental health system by host David Oaks, director of MFI. MF Radio and archives are always free.

Brief biography

Ted Chabasinski experienced involuntary electroshock in an experiment at the age of six, and spent years in a state psychiatric facility until the age of 17. Ted has helped lead the psychiatric survivors liberation movement for decades. He is now an attorney in Berkeley, California.

[The Peter Stastny interview originally planned for this time will be re-scheduled.]

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Chuck Hughes is a psychiatric survivor activist from Santa Barbara, California.

"I find inspiration and mental support in MindFreedom," says Chuck. "I like associating with like-minded activists for human rights in mental health. When I go into a Board or Commission and say I am a member of MindFreedom International. It gives what I say a lot more validity and my voice carries a lot farther. My first of eight involuntarily institutionalizations was at age 23. I have witnessed much injustice in mental health. I have been involved with the user and survivor movement since 1992. My goal is to help stop forced outpatient psychiatric procedures, seclusion, restraints and other human rights violations, psychiatric abuse and torture. Of particular concern is the elimination of forced electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) on people of all ages."
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