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Alert 21: Another Ray Sandford Campaign Victory: New Psychiatrist is Official

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MindFreedom has campaigned for the right of Ray Sandford to say "no" to his ongoing, outpatient forced electroshock. The Ray Campaign had another victory today, when the mental health system officially approved Ray's psychiatrist, who disapproves of forced electroshock.

Alert 21: Another Ray Sandford Campaign Victory: New Psychiatrist is Official

The Ray Campaign resulted in lots of publicity, such as this front page cover story in a weekly newspaper.

MindFreedom News Alert #21 - 6 August 2009

Ray Sandford just phoned MindFreedom with some very good news.

As you may know, Ray is a 55-year-old Minnesota resident who has received more than 40 involuntary electroshocks (also known as "electroconvulsive therapy" or ECT).

Adding to his horror, Ray received these court-ordered procedures against his wishes -- and even against his family's wishes -- on an OUTPATIENT basis. That is, Ray would be woken up early in his group home, and escorted to a hospital for his forced shock over and over and over again.

Ray asked for help from MindFreedom, which kicked off a Ray campaign activating people internationally.

Today, Ray said because of his campaign his new psychiatrist -- who opposes forced electroshock -- has been officially approved by the mental health system.

Ray already has a new attorney, who is moving toward changing Ray's guardianship.

Meanwhile, because of the campaign the Minnesota state legislature has scheduled a hearing this Monday, 10 August, on the subject of electroshock of committed Minnesota residents.

For more info about campaign news, see the Ray Gateway at:

At the start of this Saturday's MindFreedom Mad Pride Free Live Web Radio show -- which is on the topic of humane alternatives to this kind of abuse -- you can also hear news updates about the Ray Campaign, see:

The Ray Campaign has resulted in a lot of publicity including a front page story in the Twin Cities weekly newspaper, City Pages. Shown upper right is a section of the full-color front-page cover illustration, showing a psychiatrist wielding jumper cables. To download a scan of the full cover, click here.

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