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New book on coercion in mental health includes chapter by former MindFreedom director, David Oaks

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World Psychiatric Association leaders created a book about coercion in psychiatry, much of it supporting coercion. A chapter by psychiatric survivor David Oaks condemns involuntary mental health procedures, and calls for peaceful protests. You may download a free sample of his chapter here.

New book on coercion in mental health includes chapter by former MindFreedom director, David Oaks

David Oaks, MFI Director, is author of a chapter in a new book about coercion in the psychiatric system.


30 May 2011


Chapter by Oaks Indicts Coerced Psychiatry

How to download a free sample of chapter, here.


A book published this Spring 2011 by leaders of the World Psychiatric Association looks at the topic of coercion in psychiatry.

One of the chapters is by MindFreedom International director David Oaks, and indicts involuntary psychiatry, with the title:

"The Moral Imperative for Dialogue with Organizations of Survivors of Coerced Psychiatric Human Rights Violations."

You may download a free sample PDF of the chapter by Oaks by clicking here (it is a small file, 176 KB):

Or you may download this excerpt by clicking on "Excerpt Chapter 12 (PDF)" link in lower right of the publisher's page here:




More info about the WPA coercion book:


This book actually came out of a special gathering by World Psychiatric Association in Dresden, Germany four years before, on the topic of coercion in psychiatry. 

Said David Oaks, "As a psychiatric survivor activist, I am sad to say I and some other participants actually got our hopes up with that WPA event. It seemed like key leaders sincerely were open to dialogue. We were wrong. Unfortunately, in the four years since offers to dialogue with the WPA have not been reciprocated." 

Some of the photos, videos and news releases from the Dresden 2007 gathering can be found here:


Story Behind the Chapter 


But WPA leaders did want to produce a book based on the event, turning to long-time leader Judi Chamberlin for one of the psychiatric survivor chapters. When Judi became very ill, David Oaks was asked to do the chapter, as were a couple of other psychiatric survivors.

Said Oaks, "The WPA did produce a book for the professional and academic market, and it is unfortunately very expensive: More than $140. Of course, several of the other authors promote forced psychiatry." Oaks pointed out he was not involved in editing or publishing the book, and the editors and other authors are responsible for their own content.

The publishers did agree to make Chapter 12, by Oaks, available as a sample, and it can be downloaded for free here:


Details about the book:

  • Title: Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry: Clinical,  Legal and Ethical Aspects
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons,  Ltd, 
  • Editor(s): Thomas W. Kallert,  Juan E. Mezzich,  John Monahan

For a product description, including how to order the book, and to download sample of Chapter 12, see the publisher web site:


To purchase an online version of the whole book or specific chapters from the publisher go here:



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Cindi Fisher, mother of psychiatric survivor

Cindi Fisher has fought for years for her son, who has experienced forced psychiatric drugging and other human rights violations in the State of Washington. She has even held protest fasts on her son's behalf (see photo of Day One). Cindi says: "In the past, advocating for my 33-year-old psychiatric survivor son over the years has been very frustrating and has sometimes felt hopeless! Now, as a member of MindFreedom, I feel I have the voice of thousands to join me. My effectiveness and awareness as an advocate has indeed multiplied a thousand times. Thank you David and MindFreedom for your many years of work to build such a powerful and empowering organization!"
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