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MindFreedom's library of information about mental health, psychiatry, human rights & alternatives

These are items gathered by MindFreedom about mental health care, the psychiatric profession, advocacy, humane alternatives and more. This information is gathered for public education, and does not necessarily reflect the position of MindFreedom and its board. Nothing on or in our material should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a medical or legal opinion.

Folder Abuse in Mental Health System
Folder Activism in mental health
Action campaigns to challenge and transform the mental health system.
Folder Advocacy
Folder Alternatives to the Traditional Mental Health System
Folder Arts
Role of art, music, dance, writing, theater in challenging psychiatric human rights violation and in assisting in the emergence of emotional and mental well being and recovery.
Folder Blogs on changing the mental health system
Here are a few web logs touching or focusing on the topic of human rights and/or alternatives in the mental health system. If you find more let us know. Disclaimer: This is not necessarily an endorsement of material on these blogs.
Folder Diagnosis and labeling of mental health and illness
Contemporary and historical approaches to the art of mental health diagnosis
Folder Disability
These documents explore the intersection between the disability movement and the movement to change the mental health system.
Folder Ethics & Mental Health
Folder Events related to alternatives & human rights in mental health
These are conferences, meetings, congresses, gatherings related to the topics of human rights in mental health. Inclusion of these events is not necessarily endorsement, and is for your information. Unless specified, these are not events sponsored by MindFreedom International.
Folder Families and Friends of Psychiatric Survivors
What role do parents, siblings, children, relatives, colleagues, friends have in supporting psychiatric survivors? How can relatives and allies help us find the services we choose, want and need? How can mothers, dads, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands stand with us side by side in resisting the severe human rights violations that are so endemic in the current mental health industry?
Folder Genetics and Eugenics
Folder Global Issues
International activist concerns on human rights and alternatives in the mental health system.
Folder History
Looking back on MindFreedom and history of our movement.
Folder In Memoriam
Folder Loading Zone for Volunteer New Material
These are drafts of articles and other material posted by volunteers that are currently in production.
Folder Mad Pride Archive
Info. on Mad Pride & Past Events
Folder MadMarket
Information related to MindFreedom's online store, the MadMarket.
Folder Media Issues
Challenges with the corporate media, including bias, silence and discrimination. Plus suggestions about creating your own alternative media.
Folder Mental Health Issues and Homeless People
This has information regarding the intersection of people who are labeled with psychiatric disabilities, and people who for whatever reason up without decent humane shelter.
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Dorothy Dundas

While institutionalized for three years as an adolescent in the 1960's, MindFreedom member Dorothy Washburn Dundas was labeled a "schizophrenic" and forced to undergo 40 combined insulin coma-electroshock "treatments." Dorothy says, "I experienced and witnessed many atrocities. I believe that luck, determination, and my own anger and one compassionate advocate were my best friends on the road to my ultimate survival and freedom." Through a number of op-ed pieces, she has voiced her opposition to abusive psychiatric practices. Her poster, "Behind Locked Doors," which she created from her hospital records, is used in training programs. Dorothy lives in the Boston area where she has raised her four wonderful children. She founded and is the sole driver in her "safe, friendly and reliable" car service called The Crystal Lake Express.
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