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Mad and Non-Mad Radio: Some Different -- Very Different -- Radio Shows

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Here are several Mad radio shows and one Non-Mad radio show you may listen to about changing the mental health system, all hosted by MindFreedom members who are psychiatric survivors! All may be heard on the web.

Mad and Non-Mad Radio: Some Different -- Very Different -- Radio Shows

Oryx and Will at the madness radio controls.


Of course!

MindFreedom's own show each Wednesday at 4 pm ET for more info click here.

That's one... here are three more!

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts, USA:

Listen to Madness Radio: Voices and Visions from Outside Mental Health, produced by Freedom Center and the Icarus Project. Madness Radio is broadcast weekly on Pacifica affiliate WXOJ-LP FM Wednesdays at 6 to 7 pm Eastern Standard Time in Northampton Massachusetts.

Their podcast can be heard at:

Listen live and to archived shows and podcasts at


Mary Van Pelt has done a number of radio productions... For info about the link to her web site, click here.


Talking about "being nuts" on Portland, Oregon radio

By Rick Snook


It all started when I was in the 5th grade and Dan Flessas was my best friend. Our favorite activity was to get on the radio by making prank calls to talk radio stations, usually with the intent (and some success) of getting some racy language or crude joke past the 3 second bleeper. Time flies and years later Daniel became a host of a regular Friday night program on KBOO- The Outside World. He has been doing the show for at least 23 years.

In the fall of 2006 I suggested to him that we start having a monthly feature on his show where we would discuss mental health related topics and request callers to join in with their stories of struggle with the system. He said- “great”- so we did it.

So, on the Friday following the full-moon the lunatics take over KBOO and talk about being nuts. I usually bring some news items to read, sometimes some poetry related to the subject or a personal story. We often have guests. The show is from 1 am to 2 am (approximately- sometimes longer and we rarely start right on time). We are gradually gathering steam; more callers each month. KBOO is streamed on the internet so we can get some calls from far away places.

We play some music that seems appropriate. We sometimes have live music in the background (folks who stop by the station after their club sets).

For more information see

Or contact me.

Rick Snook


The following radio show host, who is a psychiatric survivor, prefers that his show not be called "mad" radio... Host Don Weitz is a and legend in Toronto and internationally for his decades of work against psychiatric human rights violations, so his preference is fine with us.

Says Don, "Antipsychiatry should not be confused or conflated with madness!" Don's biography describes some of his writing to newspapers as "angry," so duly noted, Don can be angry, but not mad!

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada:

by Don Weitz

Antpsychiatry Radio is a unique and powerful program on CKLN (88.1FM,, an independent community radio station in Toronto.

It airs on the last Friday every month at 6:30-7pm (EST).

Hosted and produced by antipsychiatry activist and psychiatric survivor Don Weitz, the program features interviews with psychiatric survivors re their personal stories of psychiatric abuses including electroshock, forced drugging and involuntary committal; victories over human rights violations in the psychiatric system; grassroots resistance, and movement news.

Don can be contacted at:

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Laura Delano - Psychiatric survivor blogger activist

Laura works as a peer specialist in the traditional mental health system and writes a blog at, where she is sharing her story of recovery from psychiatry. After living with psychiatric labels for 13 years and taking psychotropic medications for ten of them, Laura says she found liberation in 2010 from her psychiatric diagnoses, from her reliance upon the mental health system, and from the once deep-seated belief that she was sentenced to a life-long "mental illness." Laura says, "I am proud to be a member of the MindFreedom International community for all MFI does to promote equality, justice, and civil rights for people who have been labeled 'mentally ill.'" (See 'Related Content' links below for link to Mad In America web site where Laura's blogs.)
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