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Erick Fabris, psychiatric survivor

Information about work by Erick Fabris to expose the practice of forced psychiatric drugging of people living in their own homes out in the community.

Image Erick Fabris, author of book Tranquil Prisons
Erick Fabris of Toronto is author of Tranquil Prisons: Chemical Incarceration Under Community Treatment Orders.
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Tom Wittick

Thomas E. Wittick is an MFI member who named one of the first psychiatric rights movement activist groups in this era in the USA. Tom chose the name "Insane Liberation Front" for the influential group that began in Portland, Oregon, USA in 1970, and he organized along side the infamous Howie T. Harp. Tom is shown here at the MindFreedom Action Space inside the Alternatives 2006 Conference in Portland, Oregon.
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