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**ACTION** Stop the spread of forced drugging! SAY NO TO TEXAS HOUSE BILL 2212

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The proponents of expanded forced psychiatry have already lobbied for outpatient forced drugging laws in almost every state in the union. They’ve succeeded in bringing forced drugging into the homes of those targeted by such laws in most states. It is with great alarm that we have learned that the next domino to fall may be Texas.

**ACTION** Stop the spread of forced drugging! SAY NO TO TEXAS HOUSE BILL 2212

Take action to stop the spread of forced drugging! Oppose Texas HB2212.

House Bill 2212 is a law that will dramatically expand the population eligible for “Assisted” Outpatient Treatment, giving many Texans the opportunity to experience forced psychiatric drugging in their homes. The bill was introduced by Texas State Representative Elliot Naisthat (D), who is also a Social Work professor.

By allowing court-ordered outpatient forced drugging, House Bill 2212 takes away the basic human right to bodily integrity. This law, if allowed to pass, will have a chilling effect on help-seeking behavior and strike fear and terror into people who are already dealing with significant traumas and challenges in their lives. The penalty for becoming mentally distressed should not be to lose the safety and sanctity of your home, or the right to own your own body. 

Link to the full text of HB 2212: 

The last activity on this bill was March 27, when the Texas State Public Health Committee heard testimony but left the bill's status as "pending."

Which means there's still time to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD and tell Texas legislators why forced outpatient commitment is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION!



Help stop the spread of forced drugging by emailing or calling Texas legislators! 

Tell them that bodily integrity is a human right!

Tell them research shows — beyond a doubt — that forced outpatient commitment and drugging DOES NOT WORK!

Tell them that all human beings should be allowed to experience even extreme thoughts and emotions in the safety of their home without fear of forced psychiatric drugging. 


SAMPLE E-MAIL MESSAGE (your own words are best): 


I write to urge you NOT to support House Bill 2212 (relating to court-ordered outpatient commitment as a mental health treatment). Forced psychiatric drugging of law-abiding citizens in their own homes is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION

All human beings should have the right to bodily integrity and to decide for themselves what chemicals they ingest and what medical treatments they pursue. People needing help with mental or emotional distress will NOT seek it if they know they are to be PENALIZED by being forcibly injected with psychiatric drugs. Forced psychiatric drugging is a traumatizing procedure – it is NOT therapeutic, and research has shown that it does not improve outcomes but it DOES severely curtail essential liberties.

Please take a stand for human rights! Vote NO for House Bill 2212. 

Yours truly, 


Copy and paste these addresses of key Texas legislators into the "Recipients" line of your email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(See bottom of page for a more detailed list of legislators and their staffers on the Texas State Public Health Committee)

OR, call them on the phone and let them know why you are opposed to court-ordered outpatient forced psychiatric drugging.

Here are the names and phone numbers of the Texas legislators who are on Texas State Public Health Committee:

- Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, Chair - 512-463-0600

- Rep. Elliot Naisthat, Vice-chair - 512-463-0668 (He's the author of the bill)

- Rep. Garnet Coleman - 512-463-0524

- Rep. Nicole Collier - 512-463-0716

- Rep. Philip Cortez - 512-463-0269

- Rep. Sarah Davis - 512-463-0389

- Rep. R.D. Bobby Guerra - 512-463-0578

- Rep. Susan King - 512-463-0718

- Rep. Jodie Laubenberg - 512-463-0186

- Rep. Bill Zedler - 512-463-0374

KEY TALKING POINTS (your own words are best)


Forced psychiatric drugging is a human rights violation currently being questioned by the United Nations

• Forced psychiatric drugging is traumatizing and NOT therapeutic

Key research has shown that forced outpatient commitment does not reduce hospital readmission rates, nor does it improve clinical or social outcomes

• People who may need help with mental/emotional distress will not seek it because they fear forced psychiatric drugging




More detailed contact information for Texas State Public Health Committee Legislators and Their Staffers

Texas State Public Health Committee:

Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, Chair - 512-463-0600


Rep. Elliot Naisthat, Vice-chair - 512-463-0668 He's the author of the bill.


Rep. Garnet Coleman - 512-463-0524


Rep. Nicole Collier
- 512-463-0716


Rep. Philip Cortez
- 512-463-0269





Rep. Sarah Davis - 512-463-0389



Rep. R.D. Bobby Guerra - 512-463-0578
Appears to be a new representative, detailed email information unavailable.

Rep. Susan King - 512-463-0718


Rep. Jodie Laubenberg
- 512-463-0186


Rep. Bill Zedler
- 512-463-0374



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