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Blogs related to changing the mental health system

Updated 18 Feb. 2012: Here are just a few of the blogs with entries that question the mental health industry, and explore alternatives beyond psychiatry.

Icon for Blog in MindFreedom International list of blogsBloggers reflect individual views that are their own, and may be controversial. For blog by MFI director David W. Oaks, click here. Spot a lapsed link? Please tell us. Find a relevant blog missing here? Please submit title, URL & brief blurb:

Link Rayne's World
"This blog is my voice, uncensored. I am an advocate for people who have been diagnosed with serious mental illnesses, and I am a survivor of the mental health system. I also have Multiple Sclerosis, which I treat with diet, exercise, supplements and lots of hope. It is phenomenol what hope can do when you have it."
Link Rethinking Psychiatry
Rethinking Psychiatry of Portland, Oregon is a sponsor group of MindFreedom International launched by parents of people in the mental health system. From their blog description: "This site is dedicated with love to our children in appreciation for the light their courage and integrity has cast upon the essential need for a more holistic, compassionate and effective mental health care system."
Link Rick Snook Blog
Rick Snook of Portland Oregon is a long-time advocate for human rights of people in the mental health system, and had a radio show on the topic for years. His blog covers a variety of topics, including mental health.
Link Robert Whitaker Blog
Author, journalist Robert Whitaker - who has skewered so many myths in the mental health system with his reporting - has a blog on Psychology Today.
Link Ron Unger's blog on recovery from what is called "schizophrenic" and "psychotic"
Ron Unger is a full-time therapist in Eugene, Oregon and Coordinator of MindFreedom Lane County. From Ron's blog description: According to what has been called the medical model, people who have been diagnosed with “schizophrenia” and with “psychosis” in general, have a brain disease or chemical imbalance... While the medical model can easily be criticized for lacking evidence, a perhaps more important criticism of it is that it lacks any model for how people recover! If people have a brain disease today, how could they go on to have highly successful lives later? And why is it that most of those who are doing best have all long ago quit their “medical” treatment, psychiatric drugs?
Link Schizophrenia blog by Kim Bartlett
This blog is managed by Kim Bartlett, who says she was diagnosed at the age of 30 with 'schizophrenia.' Since the age of seven, she says she lived "in a world with false perceptions, voices, hallucinations and extreme paranoia." But today she says that she lives a full, healthy and successful life, and that there is hope. She writes, "With help, we can all achieve recovery more fully, and with help, we can overcome this battle that wages its war against us."
Link Soulful Sepulcher
'I am on a journey. Take a walk with me. Life is short. So stand tall. "Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth."~Camus'
Link Spit, Bristle & Fury
Last post as of 2/2012 was 1/2011, but you can read past posts. From the "about" page: My name is Aaron Bellve... This blog will define itself over time but is intended to show my art and activism and what motivates them, which is often each other... The Action: I see our collective abandonment and frequent abuses of people labeled mentally ill as a social disease far more harmful than the perceived mental illness, creating a disposable class. I am increasingly active in a movement to bring to an end the era of forced and coerced psychiatry and to bring human rights into the mental health field, where they have somehow been allowed to remain absent since its inception. I am addressing the fact that millions have been imprisoned in institutions, forced to take drugs and undergo electroshock to quell everything from everyday sadness to radical thought — all on the basis of an unfounded theory of biological mental illness that changes as convenience and profit dictate.
Link Transforming Health
"Self-Help for Health -- Inspiring articles about natural healing, affirmations, and yoga by Yoga Therapist Anita Perkins help you transform your physical and mental health, one day at a time."
Link Where Psychology Meets Physics -- A "semi-blog"
Psychologist Diane Kern describes this as a "semi-blog." Diane Writes, "'Where Psychology Meets Physics' is a book in progress. Readers will be introduced to new conceptions of consciousness. Cognitive science and quantum physicists have taken psychology 'where no man fears to go'. Quantum processes are imbedded within everything in the material world and that means neuronal activity my friends. Profound implications follow from this work; parents, educators, 'therapists' and philosophers, take note. The semi-blog format permits multi-leveled exploration of the work.
Link wildflowers movement blog
From the "about" section: Inspired by The Icarus Project, MindFreedom, and other human/civil rights & alternative health groups, The Wildflowers envision a new culture and language by seeing ourselves in a new light. Self-acceptance is the key to recognizing who we truly are. Self-awareness and self-consciousness are to be cultivated daily in order to maintain our self-acceptance. This group is for people to come together, embrace mental diversity and learn from each others’ different views and experiences. Rather than seeing ourselves with a “disorder” needing to be “cured” or “overcome”, we accept ourselves as WE ARE. It is this idea that resonates with our actual experiences rather than trying to fit our lives into a conventional framework. The Wildflowers’ Movement also hopes to advocate mental health rights for all people who have been and are being affected daily by the outdated mental health care system which does not provide them with the alternatives necessary to seek therapeutic recovery.
Link Will Brady's Ruminations
Long-time psychiatric survivor advocate Will Brady of Connecticut continues his personal blogging at this this new site. Only some of the items are related to mental health.
Link Writhe Safely
Watch for the Teddy Bears in strait jackets. From Robin the blogger's self-described 'awkward about us': "I spent 10 years in commercial alt-rock radio before settling in Austin TX where I live on psych disability and legislative tracking when the patriarchs are in session. I’ve been a burden on the welfare state since the day I was born, have been assigned numerous psychiatric labels, and take the safety net very seriously. I’ve been self-publishing my exceptional life history since 1989. This portal leads to my online archive. I am Robin in the leather boots."
Link Zyprexa Saga: "My $1,000,000 compensation claim against Eli Lilly"
Daniel Haszard was prescribed Zyprexa from 1996 until 2000. In early 2000, he had a medical test called "A1C" with a result of 13.9. Normal is 4-6. He has no history of diabetes in his family. His website documents his efforts to seek recovery and compensation from the Eli Lilly drug company for causing diabetes.
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Samantha Johnson, psychiatric survivor, MFI intern

Samantha Johnson is a 22-year-old psychiatric survivor who is interning at the MindFreedom International office. "I was absolutely in disbelief at how the people were treated at the hospital. It was an environment of emotional abuse interspersed with 'treatments' and 'policies' that could be more accurately described as assault. The tragic thing is that there really are some good people working there, but they are unable to provide people with the help they need inside a system that prioritizes profits over people. It might take five years of counseling for someone to truly recover from a mental health crisis, but it takes five minutes to tranquilize them. This is why I started working with MindFreedom. For 25 years MFI has been challenging the mental health system to see us as human beings- to treat us as human beings- through peaceful activism. At MFI we emphasize individual choice, empowerment, and compassion as necessary aspects of a true healing process."
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