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NEWS: MindFreedom Launches All-New MadMarket

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1 May 2008: An all-new MadMarket is launched! The MadMarket has hard-to-get books, DVD's and gear about changing the mental health system. Proceeds support the human rights campaigns of MindFreedom International.

NEWS: MindFreedom Launches All-New MadMarket

New DVD in all-new MadMarket: Little Brother, BIG PHARMA

Announcing The Launch Of The ALL-NEW MadMarket!!!!

by Martin Rafferty, Director, MadMarket

Have you ever used the MadMarket?

Do you know what it is? Its an online store that sells books, DVD's and gear exclusively on changing the mental health system!

New look!! New products!! And an easier-than-ever online ordering experience.

Check it out here:

MindFreedom has been doing our Spring cleaning! MindFreedom is now re-launching a new and improved MadMarket.

The new MadMarket is built around your needs. As always, proceeds from the MadMarket go to MindFreedom's human rights campaigns.

There are tons of new options on the new MadMarket including:

  • Custom shipping options to get your orders faster than ever.
  • Just enter your address once, and the system will remember it for future orders!
  • In-depth and lightning fast search function
  • Easy to use format
  • More accurate check out systems
  • Now with even more member benfits!
  • New Products!

In honor of this launch certain products have gotten temporary price reductions.

So come try out the new MadMarket you will be glad you did!

Just go to:

Here are just two of our exciting products!

*** DVD: Little Brother, BIG PHARMA

For the first time this year our movement has an awesome movie that is being released exclusively on the MadMarket! Follow the heart breaking story of Danny who was put on Thorazine when he was just 12 years old. Experience his life through the eyes of his sister and brother with this shocking documentary. Interviews include MFI Director David Oaks.

Go directly Little Brother, BIG PHARMA click here.

*** Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry

Join Peter Lehmann (author of Coming off of Psychiatrically Drugs) and his co-editor Peter Stastny as he explores the alternatives to the powerful and at times dangerous psychiatric medical system. Get real help and real facts from 61 authors -- many of them MindFreedom members -- about what you can do to become free of the traditional mental health care system!

To go directly to Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry, click here.

And there's lots more! Check it out!

Just go to:

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Amy Smith, psychiatric survivor, organizer and artist

From her home in Colorado, Amy Smith provides leadership for the movement to change the mental health system in a variety of ways, from events to art work for the Occupy American Psychiatric Association peaceful protests by MindFreedom International. Amy is a psychiatric survivor, who has been psych drug-free since 2008. She is the former director of Colorado’s statewide consumer organization, and the creator of RISE University, an education program designed to illuminate the experience of labeled individuals and their families.
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