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Lane Independent Living Alliance is a cross-disability independent living center based in Eugene, Oregon. LILA is working to support empowerment and self-determination and inclusion of people labeled with mental disabilities, including mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors.

You may download an MS Word flyer from LILA about their event: Independence, access, and inclusion for people with disabilities! Lane Independent Living Alliance Important Date: Monday, May 7, 2007; 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm LILA IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE FORMATION OF OUR NEW MENTAL HEALTH CONSUMER ADVISORY COUNCIL We want LILA’s mental health consumers to have a voice in how the LAMHP program serves you. LILA’S mental health consumers, survivors, and persons with a strong interest in supporting consumer voice are invited to attend. 99 W. 10th, Suite 117 (Atrium Building, Eugene, Oregon, USA) Questions? Call 710-4001 and leave a message This event is FREE! Sponsored by LAMHP (LILA Accessible Mental Health Program)
You may download a PDF version of the LILA poster about their LAMHP meeting this Monday, 7 May 2007.
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Al Galves, Phd

Al Galves of New Mexico is an author, retired psychologist and long-time activist for human rights and humane alternatives in the mental health system. He is on the Board of Directors of MindFreedom International, and now director of an MFI Sponsor Group, International Society for Ethical Psychiatry and Psychology (ISEPP).
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