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Why the family and friends of loved ones who have survived abuse in the psychiatric system need to network and unite, now!

You are invited to join Relatives and Allies of Psychiatric Survivors.

by Linda Valentine, RAPS founder

Mother's Day 2000
Relatives and Allies of Psychiatric Survivors (RAPS) is a growing group of  moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and friends of survivors of psychiatric human rights violations.

We have connected via MindFreedom, Internet, telephone and webpages  because of harm, damage and death of a loved one due to psychiatric "treatment," psychiatric coercion, force or entrapment through the "Mental Health System."

Many of us first connected back in 1997 when David Oaks, director of MindFredom, encouraged me to get this group going because of the need to have others who understand what relatives/allies go through because of this fraudulent system.

In the photo here, you will see RAPS from the early days: This is a gathering of Moms who were helping their adult children escape the traditional mental health system, together, on Mother's Day in Clovis, California 2000: Linda (me), Cathy, Charity & Marilyn.

When someone gets the feeling that the treatment being given is wrong but cannot be stopped because of being trapped inside locked doors the questions start coming out and searching for answers is sometimes impossible.

Being connected to others who know the system is a big relief and sharing is a necessity. The horror stories are sometimes unbearable but as true as the Holocoust.

Drugs and money go hand in hand but humans in this mental health system seem to be hidden and crimes against them are covered up. We intend to make sure that the deaths, damages and fraud involved with this corrupt system is exposed.

Those interested in networking with RAPS are encouraged to join MindFreedom International, and e-mail me at:

lindaraps97 (at)

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Lynne Salvi, psychiatric survivor

Lynne M. Salvi [1963 - 2011] was an activist with MindFreedom Lane County. She experienced 24 years of human rights violations in the mental health system. Lynne said, "Since finding MindFreedom and becoming a member, my life changed dramatically. I found many people who understand through experience without words. MindFreedom feels like a reunion of family I never knew before. This connection and encouragement give me the courage to speak out. I am grateful to find myself using those painful experiences to help others. Today I am medication-free and psychiatrist-free for the first time." See "Related Content" below for writing by Lynne.
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