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Members of Congress: Oppose "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" (H.R. 3717)

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Join us in signing this important online petition by National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy petitioning The U.S. House of Representatives...

Members of Congress: Oppose "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" (H.R. 3717) petition now online!

Helping families in Mental Health Crisis Act doesn't help people with psychiatric disabilities--it hurts them and their families! The bill eliminates legal advocacy on behalf of people with psychiatric disabilities. --The bill cuts 85% of funding for protection and advocacy programs. People with psychiatric disabilities WILL be unable to enforce legal protections from discrimination in housing, employment, community living, and voting. The bill reduces privacy protections for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. --Under the bill people with psychiatric disabilities won't get the same HIPPA protections every one else is entitled to. The bill would increase needless institutionalization. --The bill would give more money to psychiatric institutions instead of programs that help people live in community.


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Lynne Salvi, psychiatric survivor

Lynne M. Salvi [1963 - 2011] was an activist with MindFreedom Lane County. She experienced 24 years of human rights violations in the mental health system. Lynne said, "Since finding MindFreedom and becoming a member, my life changed dramatically. I found many people who understand through experience without words. MindFreedom feels like a reunion of family I never knew before. This connection and encouragement give me the courage to speak out. I am grateful to find myself using those painful experiences to help others. Today I am medication-free and psychiatrist-free for the first time." See "Related Content" below for writing by Lynne.
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