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MindFreedom: Promoting Humane Alternatives in Mental Health

MindFreedom is an independent grassroots coalition of activists working for human rights in the mental health system. One of the most common human rights violations is to deny people a choice of alternatives. One choice is no choice! Here's your gateway to MindFreedom's campaign for mental health alternatives to the one-size-fits-all "medical model."

MindFreedom: Promoting Humane Alternatives in Mental Health

The mental health system needs a "truth injection" to promote more alternatives. Here, MindFreedom administers a "truth hypo" in front of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.


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Welcome to the MindFreedom Gateway on Alternative Mental Health!


Below you can download a free Truth Brochure... search a free directory of mental health alternatives... and find out more about winning more choices in mental health care!


Bust Mental Health Myths


Life-changing misinformation about mental health is disseminated every day, even - perhaps even especially - in hospitals and in doctor's offices.

Do you think you can separate mental health fact from fiction? Try this short quiz:


True or False:


  1. Are mental health issues caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain?
  2. Have psychiatric medications proven to be effective and reasonably safe?
  3. Does full and complete recovery from 'mental illness' mean a cure, or simply living a better life?


Click here to download a copy of MindFreedom's Truth Brochure and find the answers to these and other questions.


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The MindFreedom Directory of Alternatives


We at MindFreedom envision a world where many useful, humane, empowering, and competing models replace the dominance of the bio-medical model — where the resultant flourishing of services, groups, philosophies, and products allows for a genuine freedom to choose.

As a step toward this vision, MindFreedom has launched a free online directory of mental health care providers who have agreed to a set of human rights principles.


To learn more about the directory, and to search for mental health alternatives near you, click here.





Books about Alternatives


MindFreedom carries a number of books on alternatives to the mainstream model of mental health. Here are two of our top sellers:


Alternatives Beyond PsychiatryAlternatives Beyond Psychiatry


Peter Stastny and Peter Lehmann (eds.)


(Ex)users and survivors of psychiatry, therapists, psychiatrists, lawyers, social scientists and relatives report about their alternative work, their objectives and successes, their individual and collective experiences. The book highlights alternatives beyond psychiatry, current possibilities of self-help for individuals experiencing madness, and strategies toward implementing humane treatment.


$37.99 (paperback, 432 pp.)


Coming off Psychiatric Drugs
Coming off Psychiatric Drugs


Peter Lehmann (ed.)


This helpful book is all about successfully quitting psychiatric drugs. It is mainly for people on psychiatric drugs but also addresses their relatives. Learn what works from 28 people who have direct experience with the challenge of "coming off" psychiatric drugs. Additionally, eight professionals, working in psychotherapy, medicine, psychiatry, social work, natural healing and even in a Runaway House, report on how they have helped in the withdrawal process.


$29.95 (paperback, 351 pp.)


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More Free Information About Alternatives

This MindFreedom web site has a free Knowledge Base on a variety of topics, including alternative mental health.

To read a variety of articles, information, background about alternative mental health in the MFI Knowledge Base, click here.


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One more reason to think about alternatives for psychiatric disorders:

Too often those of us in mental health care are told:

  • we have  "mental health diseases"
  • depression and treatment, must result in prescription drugs
  • that if we have any concerns we have "psychiatric anxiety"
  • our creativity is confined to "crazy art"
  • clinical depression treatment may mean electroshock
  • treatment for panic anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and anxiety can mean a lifetime of pills
  • bipolar disorder or "manic depression" is a chemical imbalance
  • mental health problems and symptoms are biological
  • having bulimia, schizophrenia, depression, psychosis, etc. are "biologically-based brain disorders"


These are opinions without scientific evidence. There are alternatives to all these points of view... alternatives that can mean a healthier and more sustainable approach to our mental and emotional well being!


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We are MFI

Amy Smith, psychiatric survivor, organizer and artist

From her home in Colorado, Amy Smith provides leadership for the movement to change the mental health system in a variety of ways, from events to art work for the Occupy American Psychiatric Association peaceful protests by MindFreedom International. Amy is a psychiatric survivor, who has been psych drug-free since 2008. She is the former director of Colorado’s statewide consumer organization, and the creator of RISE University, an education program designed to illuminate the experience of labeled individuals and their families.
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