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MindFreedom - Support MAD PRIDE in Mental Health

Changing mental health care can be fun! "Mad Pride" events use creativity to let everyone know we are all equal, including those of us diagnosed with psychiatric disabilities. We are all in the same mad boat! And everyone is invited to join in!

MindFreedom - Support MAD PRIDE in Mental Health

MindFreedom gives a "Mad Pride" hypodermic injection in front of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting. (Click image for close-up.)

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MindFreedom Helps You Win Mad Pride!



What is Mad Pride? Mad Pride is a movement that celebrates the human rights and spectacular culture of people considered very different by our society.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., said over and over that "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." That's us!

There's no one right way to hold a Mad Pride event. Just find a way to get together with others and celebrate who you are!

Just think: The most successful Mad Pride event in the movement's history, in Ireland, was based on the simple idea of "Food, family and fun."

Make some signs, dress up, have a gathering in the park, and have fun! Then register your event with our site and we'll publish it.


Want other ideas for your own Mad Pride event?




Mad Pride also educates!


Sure Mad Pride is fun, but you can also get out some great brochures about changing the mental health system.


Click here to download a free copy of the Truth Brochure...



Bulk copies of the Truth Brochure are also available for purchase in the Mad Market. Click here to learn more!


MindFreedom also offers a brochure that can help you introduce people to this movement for human rights in mental health. Grassroots activism relies on people power, and this handout is a great way to get other people involved.

Click here to download a free copy of the MindFreedom Organizational Brochure...

Bulk copies of the Organizational Brochure are available for purchase in the Mad Market. Click here to learn more!


Building MindFreedom Affiliates through Mad Pride


Do you want to do even more to help win human rights in the mental health system?

MindFreedom International can help!

MFI's mission statement is: "In a spirit of mutual cooperation, MindFreedom leads a nonviolent revolution of freedom, equality, truth and human rights that unites people affected by the mental health system with movements for justice everywhere."

In practice, one way that MFI promotes mutual cooperation is through our Affiliate Program. An affiliate is simply a member of MindFreedom who wants to organize in his or her local area and act as a point of contact for other members who want to get involved. By organizing locally, you can take advantage of your unique knowledge, skills and connections and make a significant impact.

We have affiliates all over the world, from MindFreedom Virginia to MindFreedom Ghana.

To read more about these affiliates, and search a public directory of them, click here.


First, join MindFreedom International as an individual and find out if there is an affiliate in your area.

If there is, our office can help you connect with them. And if there isn't one in your area just yet, MindFreedom can help you start one! With support through our affiliate email lists, forums and teleconferences, it's a great place to start, even if you've never been involved in organizing before.


Click here now to become a member of MindFreedom.


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Leah Harris

Leah Harris, a second generation psychiatric survivor, discovered MindFreedom in 2000 when she was 25 years old. Her first act in the mad movement was to tell her story of oppression and resistance, and to help edit stories for MindFreedom's Oral History Project. Since then, she has been working in various ways to help achieve the vision of MindFreedom: an end to all forms of psychiatric oppression, healing of all forms of "normality," and the creation of vibrant, colorful communities that honor and celebrate diversity, difference, and the full range of human experience.
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