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Why join MFI?

Join MindFreedom to get involved in an important social change movement AND receive exclusive member benefits!

To give securely online, or to learn how to join, renew or donate by phone, fax or postal mail, just click here.

Your donation of just $35 will…

Help Change the Mental Health System!

For over 25 years, MindFreedom International has been a non-violent and loving force for CHANGE in the mental health system, with these 3 simple goals in mind:

• Challenge human rights abuses by the psychiatric industry.

• Promote safe, humane and effective alternatives in mental health care and self-care.

• Support the self-determination and right to free, critical thought of ALL human beings (normal or not!)

MindFreedom is the ONLY non-profit coalition in this field that remains 100% financially independent from pharmaceutical companies, governments, and religions — which means we depend on PEOPLE POWER and financial support from thousands of individuals like YOU to move our revolution forward.


With your help, MindFreedom can continue its important work, acting as a beacon on the hill to psychiatric survivors and critical thinkers around the world!

To give securely online, or to learn how to join, renew or donate by phone, fax or postal mail, just click here.


Your donation of $35 will…

Bring You Exclusive Benefits!

When you join MindFreedom  International, you become part of an important social change movement, a network of people dedicated to activism and critical thought. MindFreedom can help you get involved with activists around the world!

Everyone who donates receives a one year MindFreedom membership. This includes:

MindFreedom is all about people power, and we need your voice. Donate now, join the conversation, and help win human rights in the mental health system!

Here is a recent (2014) example of MindFreedom members making a difference. A short film about the 2014 New York protest against psychiatric abuse:



To make a donation securely and join up, just click here.

Remember that your donations to MFI are tax deductible in the USA under IRS 501(c)(3)!


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We are MFI

Tom Wittick

Thomas E. Wittick is an MFI member who named one of the first psychiatric rights movement activist groups in this era in the USA. Tom chose the name "Insane Liberation Front" for the influential group that began in Portland, Oregon, USA in 1970, and he organized along side the infamous Howie T. Harp. Tom is shown here at the MindFreedom Action Space inside the Alternatives 2006 Conference in Portland, Oregon.
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