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NARPA 2013... Just Around the Corner!

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For 31 years, the National Association for Rights, Protection and Advocacy has provided an educational conference with inspiring keynoters and outstanding workshops. It's a great opportunity to learn from one another and come together as a community committed to social justice for people with psychiatric labels. You won't want to miss it!

NARPA 2013
September 26-28
Hartford, CT

For a full list of conference keynotes, workshops, as well as registration information, visit


Conference Keynotes

Judge Kristin Booth Glen
ABA Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law
Guardianship Issues

Ira Burnim, J.D.
Legal Director, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law  
Violence and Psychiatric Disabilities: Responding to Fear and Stereotypes that Drive National Policy

Daniel Mackler
Former Psychotherapist and Film Maker/Director
Presenting his new film, Coming Off Psych Drugs 

Sera Davidow
Advocate, Activist and Film Maker
The Virtues of Non-Compliance

Jim Gottstein, J.D.
Director, Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
Role of Litigation in a Strategic Approach to Mental Health System Change

Susan Stefan, J.D.
Legal Educator and Nationally Known Advocate
Recent Developments in Mental Health and Disability Law – 2013


Confirmed Workshops:  

Shared Power for Social Change
Ann Rider, Heather McDonald, Molly Cisco & Darby Penney

Commitment and Dangerousness in the Wake of Sandy Hook: A Vermont Case Study
Jack McCullough

Using Social Media To Organize For Rights in Mental Health Treatment
Jim Gotttstein, J.D., Anupa Iyer, J.D.

State Efforts to Restrict Therapies Aimed at Changing Sexual Orientation
Jan C. Costello, J.D.

Section 504 as a Mechanism to Seek Redress for Wrongful Civil Commitment
Bill Brooks, J.D.

Bringing Trauma-Informed Practices to Peer Support
Darby Penney, National Center for Trauma-Informed Care

Holding Law Enforcement Accountable: Disability, Excessive Force and the Law
Ed Paquin, Robert Appel, J.D. and David McGuire, J.D.

The Definition of Chemical Restraint -- Clinical and Legal Controversies
Kevin Ann Huckshorn, R.N., M.S.W. and Mark Joyce, J.D.

Organizing/Advocating in Response to a Tragedy
Deron Drumm, Greg Benson

The End of Guardianship?: Supported Decisionmaking as an Alternative
Bob Fleischner, J.D.

Constitutional Implications of Involuntary Medication Orders for those with Capacity to Give Informed Consent but Allegedly Dangerous
Kirk W. Lowry, J.D. 

Fighting the School to Prison Pipeline: IDEA, 504, and the ADA, and School Discipline
Ellen Saideman, J.D.

Liberating Persons with Disabilities from Segregated Sheltered Workshops
Steve Schwartz, J.D., Bettina Toner, J.D., and Cathy Costanzo, J.D.

Graduate Students' Experiences of Advocating for Humane Treatment in a Biomedical Education System
Noel Hunter, M.A., Kateri Berasi, M.A., Ed.M., Debra Japko, M.A., Karolina Pekala, M.A., and Melissa Schroeder, M.A.

Suicide and “Risk Assessment” in the Emergency Room: Bridging the Gap Between Policymakers, Researchers, and Suicide Attempt Survivors to Explore What Helps and What Doesn’t
Laura Delano and Susan Stefan, J.D.

Forty Years Later:  My Evolving Beliefs
Ron Bassman, Ph.D.

The Twilight of Liberty: Fear, Retribution, and Fundamental Unfairness in Mental Health Proceedings
Dennis Feld, J.D. and Arthur Baer, J.D.

Hearing Voices: A Different Conversation
Lisa Forestell, Oryx Cohen, Marty Hadge

Community Wise: An Innovative Strategy for Change
Lauren Jessell, L.S.W., Victoria Blom, L.S.W., Liliane Windsor, M.S.W., Ph.D.

What is “Treatment” to Us?
Deron Drumm, Greg Benson, & Cyndi Roberts

Becoming a Video Advocate
Daniel Mackler and Sera Davidow

Disability Advocates Inc. v. Cuomo Settlement and Next Steps
Cliff Zucker, J.D. & Jennifer Mathis, J.D.

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Dorothy Dundas

While institutionalized for three years as an adolescent in the 1960's, MindFreedom member Dorothy Washburn Dundas was labeled a "schizophrenic" and forced to undergo 40 combined insulin coma-electroshock "treatments." Dorothy says, "I experienced and witnessed many atrocities. I believe that luck, determination, and my own anger and one compassionate advocate were my best friends on the road to my ultimate survival and freedom." Through a number of op-ed pieces, she has voiced her opposition to abusive psychiatric practices. Her poster, "Behind Locked Doors," which she created from her hospital records, is used in training programs. Dorothy lives in the Boston area where she has raised her four wonderful children. She founded and is the sole driver in her "safe, friendly and reliable" car service called The Crystal Lake Express.
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