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NEW Creative Maladjustment Week web site launched

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CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK: July 7 – July 14, 2014... Recognizing, honoring, and celebrating the creatively maladjusted worldwide! Includes updated manual for 2014. Visit to fill out our endorsement form to show your support!

July 7 – July 14, 2014
Recognizing, honoring, and celebrating the creatively maladjusted worldwide!

MLK hands
Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:

We at MindFreedom International believe HE WAS RIGHT! There are many things in society that we should not adjust to, but rather work to change. Creative maladjustment is about learning to be disciplined non-conformist, to be maladjusted in a positive and constructive way to what you believe is harmful in our society.

By being creatively maladjusted, we can help to make positive change in the world! (See the YouTube video)

For one week in July, we’re pulling together all available resources to truly celebrate the inspiring power of positive creative maladjustment. We’ve planned themed days that will focus the
celebrations on different aspects of successful activism.
Join us for:

Monday (7/7): Day of Creativity
Tuesday (7/8): Day of Action & Movement
Wednesday (7/9): Day of Laughter & Joyful Noise
Thursday (7/10): Day of Kindness
Friday (7/11): Day of Self Care
Saturday (7/12): Day of Community Care
Sunday (7/13): Legacy of Lunacy
Monday (7/14): Day of PRIDE

(Download the calendar of days and themes -PDF)

For each of these days, the creatively maladjusted worldwide will be staging protests, events, and celebrations, and throughout the week, we’ll be honoring the creatively maladjusted among us, giving awards to inspiring activists from around the world. As critical thinkers, architects of alternatives, and lovers of humanity, let’s show the world a better way!

WHO are the Creatively Maladjusted?

CRITICAL THINKERS: The creatively maladjusted focus on a problematic area of society (something to which people of good will simply can’t be adjusted) with critical thought, examining the history of a bad idea, its branchings and consequences — the better to weed it out, roots and all.

ARCHITECTS OF ALTERNATIVES: Not merely content withtearing down an existing structure, the creatively maladjusted offer alternatives and are willing to demonstrate those alternatives with good cheer andpositivity in public places. They believe that loving and loud public action is the foundation of a true non-violent revolution.

BELIEVERS IN HUMANITY: Most importantly of all, the creatively maladjusted resist the pressure to dehumanize any and all of their fellow men. They believe in the inherent uniqueness and worth of every individual and demonstrate this belief in every action they take. Creative maladjustment is a natural human response to oppression, an organic and highly adaptable way to
oppose injustice.

Please visit this page to endorse our campaign.

Read the updated manual to see How YOU can celebrate CM Week with your fellow creatively maladjusted folks around the world...

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We are MFI

Samantha Johnson, psychiatric survivor, MFI intern

Samantha Johnson is a 22-year-old psychiatric survivor who is interning at the MindFreedom International office. "I was absolutely in disbelief at how the people were treated at the hospital. It was an environment of emotional abuse interspersed with 'treatments' and 'policies' that could be more accurately described as assault. The tragic thing is that there really are some good people working there, but they are unable to provide people with the help they need inside a system that prioritizes profits over people. It might take five years of counseling for someone to truly recover from a mental health crisis, but it takes five minutes to tranquilize them. This is why I started working with MindFreedom. For 25 years MFI has been challenging the mental health system to see us as human beings- to treat us as human beings- through peaceful activism. At MFI we emphasize individual choice, empowerment, and compassion as necessary aspects of a true healing process."
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