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The MindFreedom Personal Story Project collects histories from psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers about their experiences of survival, resistance, recovery and self-determination in the mental health system. Many participants in the project have struggled through difficult emotional times, and all have suffered through psychiatric labeling and an often abusive and patronizing mental health system, yet they survived, and even thrive. Thank you to psychiatric survivor Oryx Cohen who first initiated this MFI program as an intern in the MFI Eugene office. (Please note that these are the personal stories of those who shared them, and do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of MFI.)

Personal Story Victoria Molta
"I can only say I have been through a spiritual transformation. A snake slips off an old, useless piece of skin and I too discarded a part of myself, the victim."
Personal Story Barbara Nichols
"I can’t tell you how happy I was to get my degree from Portland State. My father was a physician and he told me when I was 18 that I was not smart enough to go to school. Now I’m the only one out of five children to have a degree and I just feel really amazed. I am amazed that I would really stick with it because my disability--whether it’s from the medications or from a depressive way that I look at life—doesn’t always motivate me to get things done. I’m very happy to have gotten this done."
Personal Story Carol J Patterson
The truth is, you can't heal me without my cooperation, you cannot. There's no such thing as forced healing.
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Personal Story Pat Risser
"I had been brainwashed by the psychiatric system to be hopeless, helpless and overly dependent. So now I've dedicated the greater part of my life to try and reach people who are currently affected by the system and deprogram them from the cult of psychiatry."
Personal Story Gail Roberts
"My first stop was the ecstatic and exotic mania of a completely different reality, Japan, where I quickly attained a celebrity status as I have a resemblance, at least according to the Japanese, to Elizabeth Taylor. I started to get rich teaching English and had to stuff my yen under my tatami mat. When I had to leave quickly to avoid deportation, I was devastated."
Personal Story Clover Smith
"One morning, 12 drug years later, engulfed in sickness, I called the current psychiatrist and yelled, "What do psychiatrists think in their head? My mind is cured when my body is dead!" I slammed the phone down and never swallowed their pills again; I had taken the first step toward wellness."
Personal Story Scott P Snedecor
"This chemical imbalance thing is about the most wacky thing I've ever heard. I don't think I've ever had a Thorazine deficiency in my life! I don't think people get Zoloft deficiencies."
Personal Story Hal H Noble
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Personal Story Don Weitz
"I was damn lucky to have escaped electroshock and brain damage including permanent memory loss. Thousands of psychiatric survivors were not so fortunate, many have died and will die from psychiatry's 'safe and effective, lifesaving treatment' such as electroshock and forced drugging with neuroleptics and/or antidepressants."
Personal Story Kris Yates
"Sometimes I have this tremendous sadness because I think that I might be in a much bigger place than I am now. I’m happy with my life but I’m also 51 years old. I might have been where I am now twenty years ago had all this not happened. I figure I’m here in spite of the mental health system."
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Lynne Salvi, psychiatric survivor

Lynne M. Salvi [1963 - 2011] was an activist with MindFreedom Lane County. She experienced 24 years of human rights violations in the mental health system. Lynne said, "Since finding MindFreedom and becoming a member, my life changed dramatically. I found many people who understand through experience without words. MindFreedom feels like a reunion of family I never knew before. This connection and encouragement give me the courage to speak out. I am grateful to find myself using those painful experiences to help others. Today I am medication-free and psychiatrist-free for the first time." See "Related Content" below for writing by Lynne.
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