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Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota

The Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota (MHCSNM or CSN) is a government-funded nonprofit organization uniting mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors in Minnesota.

Name: Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota

City, State: St. Paul, Minnesota

MHCSNM or CSN for short is the government-funded state-wide organization representing the voice of mental health clients in Minnesota. MHCSNM's director is Maureen Marrin. MindFreedom has been in touch with Maureen about the Ray Sandford campaign.

CSN has joined the ECT Work Group that was started by the Mental Disability Law Center, because of the involuntary electroshock controversy involving Ray Sandford:

From the MDLC announcement:

For the past few months, MDLC has been working with an individual who objects to receiving court-ordered electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).  Publicity surrounding this controversial case generated vigorous public debate on the use of forced ECT.  To follow up on the policy issues raised,  MDLC and the Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota (CSN) have formed a work group to explore possible policy and legislative changes to the use of ECT in Minnesota. In addition to MDLC and CSN, participants will include the Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, commitment defense attorneys, medical professionals, and people who have received ECT, among others.  Background research is now proceeding, and the work group will convene after the current legislative session.

The mission statement of the Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota is to organize consumers and others who believe in a mental health system based upon recovery and wellness. As their web site puts it, "The Consumer/Survivor Network is dedicated to self-help, education, advocacy, and the fight against discrimination and stigma."

The CSN web site is here:

Where does CSN stand on Ray's abuse?

Maureen Marrin, on behalf of CSN, has stated that the organization opposes Ray's involuntary outpatient electroshock, and that they would like to join in protests on this subject. CSN offers peer support and has tried to visit Ray, but Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSSMN) -- which acts as Ray's general guardian -- have refused to allow CSN representatives to visit Ray.

Public position on Ray Sandford's forced outpatient electroshock: Opposes Ray's forced electroshock.

Public position in general on outpatient involuntary electroshock over expressed wishes of subject: Opposes involuntary outpatient electroshock.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MindFreedom and Ray endorse nonviolence principles. Whether or not an individual or agency supports or opposes Ray's human rights, MindFreedom and Ray ask that any communication be civil.


Please thank CSN for speaking out in support of Ray's human rights.

Contact info:

Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota
1821 University Avenue West, Suite S-160
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

Toll Free:1-800/483-2007
Email address:

Disclaimer: The information on this page is the opinion of the author, based on reports from Ray Sandford and allies, to the best of their knowledge. If there is any dispute of the facts, please let MindFreedom know.

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