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News Item Where do YOU stand?
The Mental Patients Liberation Alliance (The Alliance) invites you to join with other proponents of human rights in mental health on Friday, November 14, 2014 ...
News Item Landing Zone Committee Launched At MindFreedom Conference
Announcing the Launch of the MindFreedom Landing Zone Committee - a new blog from Frank Blankenship (August 2014)
News Item I GOT BETTER: Seeking Your Video Story for New Website
Check out the short, powerful videos just posted to this new I GOT BETTER website, by people who overcame hopelessness about ever recovering while in the ...
Page Perseverance and sacrifice: David Oaks and his brother Tony interviewed on MindFreedom radio show
A remarkable story of perserverance and sacrifice: David Oaks and his brother Tony interviewed on MindFreedom radio show (June 8): "Down But Not Out!"
News Item 2014 Creative Revolution Conference: "Developing and Expanding Alternatives" JULY 24TH - JULY 27TH, 2014
The conference is still open for registration. The Choices in Mental Health Committee of MindFreedom International is proud to sponsor this exciting gathering ...
News Item With kindness and support, we can shine! MindFreedom launches fundraising drive for Comfort Calls/Shield campaign
We are proud and excited to announce a fundraising drive on to raise money for MindFreedom's Comfort Calls/Shield campaign! Our goal is to raise ...
News Item October-November e-newsletter
In this issue: Comfort Calls/Shield campaign fundraising drive, 60 Minutes online petition, register NOW for the 2014 Alternatives conference, MFI-Mad Market ...
News Item Alternative Mental Health Radio by MindFreedom International: Lise Zumwalt
May 11, 2013...Join MindFreedom host, SOPHIE FAUGHT and activist filmmaker, LISE ZUMWALT to talk about forced drugging and her first feature film, "That's ...
News Item His gift to the world: Daniel Mackler releases all his documentary films free online!
For seven years, Daniel Mackler has traversed the globe producing his fantastic documentary films about alternatives to mainstream psychiatry. Until now, they ...
News Item New ECT resource for patients, families, advocates, researchers, and providers.
Peter Breggin, MD, provides a new website with links to helpful blogs, as well as more than 125 scientific articles dealing with the effects of electroshock ...
News Item Join us at Continue the Creative Revolution in October
We are delighted to be affiliated with the ISEPP annual conference, continuing the conversation which began in 2014 about approaches that support self ...
News Item Celebrating CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK (July 7-July 14, 2013) is only 6 months away! On this national day in celebration of the founder of the International Association ...
News Item Ron Unger Featured on Mad In America Blog
Ron Unger is the Coordinator of the MindFreedom Lane County affiliate. He is also a full-time counselor in Eugene, Oregon, and listed on the MindFreedom ...
News Item Leonard Roy Frank 1932-2015
MindFreedom is saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Leonard Roy Frank, accomplished and widely respected psychiatric survivor activist and author. After ...
News Item MindFreedom/Mad Market Book Club launches today
MFI Book Club starting up: Sign up today for a special MFI Book Club Talk discussion group!
News Item Urgent appeal for MindFreedom Ghana office space
Please read the appeal letter from Celia Brown, MindFreedom Board President, to raise urgently needed funds to keep office space for MindFreedom Ghana open.
News Item Action Alert: Free Justina Now! Stop Psychiatric Assault!
Read Justina's Story and get involved! On February 10, 2013, Justina's doctor at Tufts (Dr. Korson) sent Justina to Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) to ...
News Item World Mental Health Day 2015 - Geneva
The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the rights of persons with disabilities...
News Item Stop the Murphy Bill
Stop the Murphy Bill: Please join the Campaign for REAL CHANGE in Mental Health Policy.
News Item MindFreedom T-shirt store NOW open...order one for a Holiday gift!
Help us raise money for our vitally important work AND get a special gift for that special someone for the Holidays!
News Item Podcasts every survivor of forced psychiatry needs to listen to in 2017
You're missing out on hundreds of hours of amazing audio. Great guests, great interviewers, you simply have to listen to these podcasts.
News Item Phil Hickey masterfully debunking psychiatry's so-called 'biological evidence'
PhD psychologist Phil Hickey is back with another analysis of psychiatry's fundamentally flawed assumptions...
News Item Healing Voices Movie
Oryx Cohen produces the Healing Voices Film to be released 4.29.16 with a One Night One Voice Global Event
News Item Mental Health Bill Caters to Big Pharma and Would Expand Coercive Treatments
Oryx Cohen of the National Empowerment Center wrote a blog on the Murphy Bill published in Truth-Out.
News Item Where's the Outrage?
Pat Risser has been a human rights activist and mental health advocate for over thirty years.
News Item On May 4th in NYC, join MindFreedom in a protest against psychiatric brutality.
This year's Protest of the American Psychiatric Association's Annual Meeting is in NEW YORK CITY. WHEN: Sunday, May 4 at 12:00pm Eastern time WHERE: 34th ...
News Item Report finds electroshock treatment of psychiatric patients increases for the first time in years
Interview with Mary Maddock, MindFreedom Ireland on Irish News Radio Show
News Item Honoring Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2014
It is time to revisit the clarion call of one of the most influential activist leaders of the 20th century. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. repeated a theme over ...
Article "America's Medicated Army"
The stress that military personnel are facing in Iraq and Afghanistan is leading a growing number of soldiers to seek help from mental health care ...
Weblog Entry On debate, and seeing UFO's, and not being "fine"
Forced psychiatric drugging got some news coverage that compared two court room cases going on at same time in Alaska.