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Weblog Entry On debate, and seeing UFO's, and not being "fine"
Forced psychiatric drugging got some news coverage that compared two court room cases going on at same time in Alaska.
News Item Trump's new forced psychiatric drugging czar Ellie McCance-Katz doesn't believe you should have the right to own your own body.
Grab 'em by the frontal lobes: MindFreedom founder David Oaks on President Trump's new forced drugging czar, Ellie McCance-Katz, a proponent of the heinous ...
News Item Findings from the Hope In Mental Health Care Survey now available!
Well over 1,000 individuals - many of them MindFreedom members and supporters - participated in this important survey gathering information on messages of ...
News Item Taking Charge of Your Mind and Making Your Life Go Well!
Slideshow Resource from the Taking Charge webinar
TODAY, we at MindFreedom International are PROUD to announce the launch of a brand new website to promote what promises to be the biggest and most ...
News Item Celebrating 2015 CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK - starts tomorrow!
CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK (July 6-July 13, 2015) is only 6 months away! On this national day in celebration of the founder of the International Association ...
News Item NEW Creative Maladjustment Week web site launched
CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK: July 7 – July 14, 2014... Recognizing, honoring, and celebrating the creatively maladjusted worldwide! Includes updated manual ...
News Item Promotion and advocacy of alternatives to the medical model in mental health
MindFreedom has been busy in 2016 and looks forward to a potent New Year in 2017
News Item Paula Caplan celebrates Creative Maladjustment week by sharing her play with you!
Activist psychologist Paula Caplan celebrates Creative Maladjustment week by sharing her play 'Call Me Crazy'. For the first time this play has been filmed ...
News Item Why I Oppose Texas House Bill 2212 and Forced Drugging
From a MindFreedom member and forced drugging survivor who chooses to remain anonymous: FORCED DRUGGING VIOLATES BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!
News Item Race, Gun Violence & Mental Health
News Item Perseverance and sacrifice: David Oaks and his brother Tony interviewed on MindFreedom radio show
A remarkable story of perserverance and sacrifice: David Oaks and his brother Tony interviewed on MindFreedom radio show (June 8): "Down But Not Out!"
News Item ECT Day of Protest: Time for You to Take Leadership
By TED CHABASINSKI, J.D. Work on the May 16 International Day of Protest Against Shock Treatment is moving right along. This spontaneously-organized, ...
News Item ECT Day of Protest: May 16th Schedule of Cities
Locations, times, and contact people information will be updated as the date approaches. Keep checking back! Check below for protest/rally address & times...
News Item MindFreedom staffer pens a vision statement for our new campaign, MFI Health Connections
MindFreedom would love to hear about your interest. We plan on developing a network of natural health and advocacy allies and starting a dialog to see how we ...
News Item Virtual Counter-Conference of the American Psychiatric Association Starts NOW
Watch the livestream at all week for interviews with psychiatric survivors and alternative health care professionals.
News Item Exploring critical analysis of psychiatry on Reddit
Popular forum website Reddit has some subreddits Mindfreedom members may be interested in.
News Item 60 Minutes: Let Psychiatric Survivors Speak for Themselves!
Activist Alert from MindFreedom International...Write or call CBS' "60 Minutes" Exec. Producer, Jeffrey Fager: The September 29th edition of 60 Minutes ...
News Item MindFreedom International is Replacing its Website!
Help us replace MFI's Website: A Beacon for Psychiatric Survivors on the Internet
News Item Voices for Choices: MindFreedom webinar to Organize Against Forced Psychiatric Treatment
On June 24, MindFreedom International hosted a webinar entitled Voice for Choices: Organizing to End Forced Psychiatric Treatment. View more details below ...
News Item 2018 Protest of the American Psychiatric Association in New York City
A mock funeral mourning those lost to psychiatry or who have had their spirits broken and struggle to survive is to be held as protesters deliver a public ...
News Item Sue Clark-Wittenberg 1955-2015
MindFreedom has learned of the recent passing of human rights activist and longtime MindFreedom member Sue Clark-Wittenberg, of Ottawa, Canada. Psychiatrized ...
News Item Take MindFreedom Survey on Hope in Mental Health Care
You are invited to take the new "Survey on Hope in Mental Health." Contribute your experiences to the "I Got Better" campaign to promote knowledge of ...
News Item Fight The Murphy Bill Today!
You can take action by signing the online petition...