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MindFreedom Launches "Truth Injection" Campaign for Mental Health Rights

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News Release: Does your mental health agency promote myths? Here's how you can bust those myths with a new free simple flyer that you can download online. Mental health advocates can give the mental health system an injection of truth! (Updated)

MindFreedom Launches "Truth Injection" Campaign for Mental Health Rights

You can give your mental health system a Truth Injection, for free!


NEWS UPDATE - 15 August 2009



MindFreedom International Campaign Busts Myths in Mental Health System


Updated "Truth Injection" brochure is being downloaded, handed out, posted, for mental health advocacy


The flyers are appearing on library racks... in mental health centers... on bulletin boards....

Can a human rights coalition make a difference with a free flyer to "bust myths" in the mental health system?

You be the judge!

Click here to download your PDF of the two-page flyer for free

Click here topPurchase bulk copies of the flyer - with free shipping

Examples of myths that are getting busting:


  • "You have a 'mental illness' that is caused by a biochemical imbalance...
  • "The medication we give you will correct your 'biochemical imbalance'…
  • "You will always have to take psychiatric medications...”


The brochure was researched by MindFreedom Lane County Affiliate, and can be used internationally.

Ron Unger, a mental health counselor who is affiliate coordinator, led the effort to create the flyer, working with psychiatric survivors.

Said Ron, "The brochure does a good job of conveying the kinds of deceptions that people in the mental health system are commonly exposed to, compared to the kind of information people would hear if they were told the truth."

Links to citations and sources are also provided to back up the facts in the MindFreedom "Truth Injection" brochure.

The truth campaign launched 12 February 2009, Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, in honor of his reputation as "Honest Abe." In August 2009 the brochure was modified.


How to Download Your Truth Brochure:


For info on how to download the free MFI Truth Brochure, find the scientific sources behind the facts, and read an accessible plain text version of the brochure, click here:

Founded in 1986, MindFreedom International is a 100 percent independent non-profit coalition uniting members, Affiliates and Sponsors to win human rights and choice in mental health care. The UN accredits MFI as an NGO.

Please forward this news to all appropriate networks.

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Peter Lehmann, editor, author, psychiatric survivor activist

Peter Lehmann of Berlin, Germany serves as one of the MindFreedom International representatives with the United Nations, and is a long-term supporter of MindFreedom campaigns and activities. Peter is a psychiatric survivor who has worked passionately for decades in Germany, Europe and internationally with a variety of groups for significant change in the mental health system. Peter is editor and publisher of a variety of books challenging human rights violations in the mental health system and promoting alternatives. His most recent book (co-edited with Peter Stastny, MD) is called "Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry." This book provides chapters from 61 leaders in changing the mental health system, and is available in the MindFreedom Mad Market.
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