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Volunteer or Intern with MindFreedom International!

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MindFreedom needs YOU to help move our nonviolent revolution in mental health care forward. Get started by taking the volunteer survey ( now!

Volunteer or Intern with MindFreedom International!

Join MindFreedom's non-violent revolution for human rights in mental health care! Take the new volunteer survey at:


Take our VOLUNTEER SKILLS SURVEY and we'll find a way to play to your strengths with one of our many exciting volunteer opportunities!

(Click here to take the survey now!)

Do you have writing skills? Social media skills? Photography skills, art and graphic design skills, speaking skills? Organizing skills? Activism skills? Street theater skills? Other skills we've never even heard of?

We know you do!

Whatever it is that you do well, there's a place for you amongst the MindFreedom volunteers, and we'd like to help you find that place!

Take our quick and easy volunteer survey NOW, and let us know what your interests, skills, and volunteer time availability is... and we'll match you up with an exciting opportunity to work on one of MindFreedom's many campaigns against human rights abuses in psychiatry.

Even if you only have just 1 hour every month or two, there's a project for you — and we'd be glad to have you!

So once again, here's the link for the volunteer survey:

Feel free to share with friends, family, and anyone in your social network that might be interested in joining our non-violent revolution in mental health care!


An internship with MindFreedom is a great way for you to build professional skills while becoming involved firsthand in our important social change movement! You can gain practical, hands-on experience in the non-profit world, and even earn college credit with your internship.

MindFreedom offers a variety of internship opportunities to students in different disciplines:

  • Research
  • Fundraising
  • Media
  • Marketing and communications
  • Social work
  • Activism
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Non-profit management 

These are among the many knowledge and skill sets you can develop. All while promoting human rights!

If a student if selected to intern with MindFreedom, we will create an individualized job description that satisfies their unique interests and academic requirements.

How to Apply

Please submit the following materials for consideration to the MindFreedom Office:

  • Résumé
  • Two references (academic or professional)
  • Answer the following questions:
  1. Why do you want to intern with MindFreedom International?
  2. What skills do you bring to the position?
  3. What type of work interests you, and what skills would you like to cultivate in the position?
  4. How many hours per week are you available to intern? For what duration?


MindFreedom internships lead to success!

See those inspiring and exciting We Are MFI "Personal Stories" on the RH side of our website? That project was created for MindFreedom in a summer internship by Oryx Cohen, who was then a grad student, and now is a national leader in our movement.

Other successful interns have: contributed research to our PsychFacts database, built up our amazing collection of recovery stories on the I GOT BETTER website, and more.

Just imagine what YOU, as the next MindFreedom Intern, can do!

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We are MFI

Cindi Fisher, mother of psychiatric survivor

Cindi Fisher has fought for years for her son, who has experienced forced psychiatric drugging and other human rights violations in the State of Washington. She has even held protest fasts on her son's behalf (see photo of Day One). Cindi says: "In the past, advocating for my 33-year-old psychiatric survivor son over the years has been very frustrating and has sometimes felt hopeless! Now, as a member of MindFreedom, I feel I have the voice of thousands to join me. My effectiveness and awareness as an advocate has indeed multiplied a thousand times. Thank you David and MindFreedom for your many years of work to build such a powerful and empowering organization!"
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